Ma Baoguo is really cool! Stop B: will restrict the strict examination of relevant contents of Ma Baoguo

 Ma Baoguo is really cool! Stop B: will restrict the strict examination of relevant contents of Ma Baoguo

Video capture

In the video, which was broadcast more than 20 million times, Ma Baoguo, with his swollen eyes and a crooked Mandarin, explained why he was beaten

Young people dont talk about martial arts. When they go back, they have to reflect on themselves.

An English Hercules of more than two hundred pounds cant move a finger of mine.

The fight in May made Ma Baoguo red through the sky.

In a challenge arena in Shandong Province, Ma Baoguo and an amateur fight enthusiast made an appointment to compete. As a result, Ma Baoguo was knocked down three times in 30 seconds. Finally, he lay flat in the field.

When everyone thought Ma Baoguo overturned his car, he later released a series of videos, even decomposing his martial arts action lightning five whip. This wave of operation made netizens silly and ignited their enthusiasm.

Video capture

Mammy, he even beat the ghost in the video.

According to some statistics, in station B, netizens will upload 48.5 videos per hour, averaging 0.8 per minute.

Peoples Daily: its time for Ma Baoguo farce to end

Peoples Daily this short comment means that the Internet Carnival has come to an end, as it said: keep the bottom line, dont let the farce go on. Source: visual China, in Shanghai on June 26, 2017, fighting madman and Ma Baoguo, leader of Hunyuan Xingyi Taiji school and honorary curator of Hunyuan National Art Museum.

The following is the text:

Ma Baoguo, who boasts himself as the master of Hunyuan Xingyi Taijiquan, is now gaining popularity. He was knocked down three times in 30 seconds in front of the audience in May this year, and his martial arts accomplishments are also expected to be in front of his eyes. However, recently, his thunderous words have been turned into a top-notch net star.

From dominating some ghost animal areas on some platforms, to participating in commercial performances, and then to taking part in so-called inspirational films, Ma Baoguo has packaged considerable commercial value. From his so-called tricks repeatedly become hot stem, to the Malayan language in the network hot turn, some people say this is already Ma Baoguo phenomenon. If you are acting on your own, no one needs to pay special attention to it. However, when it becomes a phenomenon and frequently appears in public view, it is necessary to examine what is behind this phenomenon?

Some of Ma Baoguos words and deeds are actually sensationalism and bluffing. In the final analysis, it is a farce. In fact, what we do to promote traditional Wushu is to hurt it. He scolded the young people for not speaking about the martial arts morality, but he did not have the righteous, cautious words and deeds, and respected and revered the traditional martial virtues.

It is not easy to laugh off a series of farce around Ma Baoguo.

What kind of value orientation is it if you can make a living by making a fuss, and you can expand your business territory by bluffing and bluffing? What do the people behind Ma Baoguo want to do? It is clear to all discerning people that it is nothing more than commercial interests. Add fuel to the flames, hype and amplify some Internet platforms of Ma Baoguo. Why? Its nothing more than the flow, but the benefit behind it. However, no matter the platform or the capital, the premise of rubbing hot spots and finding selling points is to follow the public order and good customs, which is the correct value. Otherwise, it will become a shallow and poor business game.

Everyone has the right to practice martial arts, and can express their own views and ideas. However, if we deviate from the spirit of martial arts, we can never stop talking in public, especially fabricating experiences, which is no different from that of charlatans. And such people are sought after, which is worth our thinking. Many people talked about Ma Baoguo as ridicule and ridicule, saying that he played the role of being ridiculed by the group in the public opinion field. It seems that it is not a big deal. In fact, this is not really harmless. Allowing Ugliness to become popular and making bluffing and bluffing become popular. This itself is harmful to the social atmosphere, especially to the minors who are still lack of judgment, which is poisoning the value system.

Its time to end the farce with the theme of Ma Baoguo. When it comes to martial morality, Ma Baoguo should get out of the farce. For the people behind him, it is a wise choice to stop as soon as possible, otherwise, they will lose nothing. For those Internet platforms that are keen on traffic and boosting the flames, if they still have a minimum sense of social responsibility, they should immediately stop providing communication channels for such scandal and farce. At the same time, we also call on relevant departments to strengthen supervision on the implementation of social responsibility on Internet platforms. All sectors of society should protect the core values and keep the bottom line, so as not to let the farce go on.