Secretary of the municipal Party committee being hunted: from eating, drinking and playing cards to asking for 1 million yuan at a time

 Secretary of the municipal Party committee being hunted: from eating, drinking and playing cards to asking for 1 million yuan at a time

Chen Jiming was born poor, in order to jump out of the farm, he was also a positive intellectual youth. After graduating from University, he was assigned to work in the Party School of Zigong municipal Party committee, and then worked in the municipal government, the municipal traffic management committee and other units, and gradually grew into a leading cadre of the main government.

Yuan Yong, a staff member of the supervision commission of Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, said that around 2003, Chen Jiming served as vice mayor of Zigong City, contacted private enterprises and began to deal with various enterprise owners, thus opening the prelude to his being hunted.

The program revealed that the hunters carefully covered up the purpose of pursuing profits, and constantly put their feelings into Chen Jiming. Mahjong is a typical move. According to statistics, these bosses have delivered more than 1 million yuan to Chen Jiming just by playing cards and deliberately losing money.

In addition, every weekend, Chen Jiming is invited to eat, drink and have fun in high-end restaurants and restaurants. One boss even kept the love of eating and drinking for four or five years before asking for help for the first time.

The merchant bosss solicitude and corrosion of me started from eating, drinking, playing cards and entertainment from a casual point of view, said Chen Jiming. The bosses gave him a car pick-up, a meal and a drink, and playing cards with him. Anyway, they felt that they were very considerate and enthusiastic, and they gave me the feeling that he was willinguff08 Service)

This ingenious way of boiling frogs in cold water made Chen Jiming very useful and felt comfortable. Indulged in the emotional hunting, he gradually regarded the hunters as good brothers and friends, and opened up the acceleration of the road to crime.

In 2005, Chen Jiming was in charge of transportation in Zigong City. At that time, the s305 line of Sichuan provincial highway was to be upgraded, and part of the subgrade project was open to public bidding.

Through dinner, the boss Du Mou and Chen Jiming got on the line. When the wine was in full swing, Du puffed it up and got a good impression score here. After Du proposed to undertake part of the project of provincial highway s305, Chen Jiming actively coordinated and finally helped him obtain one of the bid sections by greeting his subordinates. In order to express his thanks, Du invited Chen Jiming to have a meal together and gave him a big red envelope.

Chen Jiming said: after dinner, he left me alone and gave it to me in a paper bag. He appreciated my support for the project. I took it home and found it was 200000 yuan.

This is the biggest single thank-you fee received by Chen Jiming in his early days. When he found that the amount of cash in the paper bag was so huge, he was so excited and scared that he didnt even dare to put it back home.

Chen Jiming became numb in the process of being hunted. A few years later, he received one million yuan in the name of borrowing.

Wang Shangshang, a staff member of Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, said: in the process of chatting with a boss surnamed Zhang in 2011, Chen Jiming mentioned that the familys economic conditions were relatively tight recently. He proposed to borrow 1 million yuan from boss Zhang, and agreed to repay the principal and interest one year later. After hearing this, boss Zhang readily agreed to him.

On the surface, it is called borrowing. In fact, both sides know that they have neither issued a loan slip nor agreed interest. One year later, Chen Jiming did not ask for repayment, and boss Zhang did not ask for money.

After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the pressure of anti-corruption, although Chen Jiming also had some behavior of returning stolen goods, including returning all the 1 million yuan to Zhang, his inner greed was not cut off. Some business owners have also taken this point into consideration, and have developed a new hunting around routine. They buy houses in the name of others and give them to Chen Jiming for practical use.

Chen Jiming bribed Audi A5

Not only that, at the beginning of 2018, Chen Jiming proposed that he wanted to borrow a car to drive when he had dinner with his boss Wu. After asking what kind of car he wanted, Wu spent more than 400000 yuan to buy a white Audi A5 in the name of others, and gave it directly to Chen Jimings family.

After the fall of his horse, Chen Jiming finally had a sober and profound understanding of this hunting hunt: he is actually expressing feelings with the power in my hand and making friends with the power in my hand. They are not holding me, but holding the power in my hands. Its a pity that the old adage of a gentlemans friendship is as light as water, but I understand it too late.

Chen Jiming (middle)

Source: Governor of Changan Street, editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679