$2.5 million for Trumps lawsuit

 $2.5 million for Trumps lawsuit

Echellerman was the former CEO of PPD company and chairman of furiex pharmaceutical company, one of the four major contract outsourcing service agencies (cros) of new drug R & D in the United States, and later founded his own venture capital company with the same name.

Mr. echellerman donated $2 million to the group on November 5; seven days later, he transferred another $500000 when the other side claimed that more funds might be needed.

However, the indictment revealed that the straightening out votes group later filed lawsuits in only four states, and all of them suddenly withdrew last week and failed to give an explanation. Mr. echellerman said he was regularly and repeatedly asked for information, but was constantly sent away by ambiguous answers, platitudes and empty checks. .

Straightening out the vote did not respond to media requests for comment. On the 17th, its website posted a statement by founder and chairman Catherine engelbrecht, which still failed to explain the reasons for withdrawing the lawsuit from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and tried to throw the blame on external factors.

Engelbrak also founded King Street patriots, a non-governmental organization related to the tea party movement, which is a subordinate organization. From 2010 to 2013, straightening out votes complained about election fraud in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio and other places, while the Democratic Party accused them of intimidating African and Hispanic voters and launched an investigation into the organization.

Engelbrecht said a video capture of the IRS investigation was made because of the campaign of straightening out the votes.

Eschlemann said that with the approaching of the voter certification period, straightening out the ballot is obviously unable to fulfill its promise to prosecute election fraud. The other side has said that if he chooses not to file a lawsuit, he can refund $1 million. But echellerman asked for a full refund of $2.5 million.

On the evening of the 28th local time, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania rejected Republican Congressman Mike Kelly and others prosecution of abolishing absentee votes and preventing vote checking. Judge Stefanos bibas, appointed by trump, said the plaintiffs accusation was untenable, there is no evidence that Trumps team and votes have been treated more unfairly than Bidens team and votes..

According to the guardian, this is the 38th lawsuit launched by the trump team. Trumps lawyer, Jenna Ellis, tweeted that they would continue to sue the Federal Supreme Court.