Recall in China and lawsuit against Tesla in the United States

 Recall in China and lawsuit against Tesla in the United States

The report also pointed out that just one month before the announcement, Tesla recalled nearly 30000 vehicles with suspension defects exported to China.

The complaints seem to indicate a trend, with three related accidents reported in the past three months at road driving speeds, the agency said

On November 20, the California District Court of the United States received a class action against Tesla models and modelx suspension problems, claiming that the defects could lead to premature failure of the front and rear suspension control arm components.

Tesla told the national highway traffic safety administration in October that it would recall about 30000 models s and modelx in China at the request of Chinese regulators for the front suspension linkage problem.

But Tesla told NHTSA it did not believe there was any defect in the suspension, said there was no need for a recall in the United States, and said the problem was extremely rare..

Teslas model x car (visual China) on display at the 3rd China International Import Expo in early November

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