Smash 53 billion foreign capital suddenly sweep a shares! These are the hardest things for jiacang

 Smash 53 billion foreign capital suddenly sweep a shares! These are the hardest things for jiacang

The procyclical sector, including bank stocks, is the preferred object of foreign investment in the near future. A head of securities companies published research reports that banks will usher in a similar big market in 2016-2018.

The third quarter monetary policy implementation report recently released by the central bank shows that the loan interest rate has risen by 6 basis points, which may mean that the bottom of interest rate has been formed, and the interest rate is forming an upward trend, which is good for banks.

Foreign investment sees more a shares

On November 27, driven by bank stocks, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 index continued to pull up in the end, closing at the highest point of 3498.66, breaking through the high in June 2015 and creating a new high in more than 12 years, which is the historical high of the index since March 5, 2008. The Shanghai Composite Index also rose to 3400.

The big financial turmoil, foreign capital is not idle. Since November, there has been another upsurge of foreign capital scavenging, with 52.99 billion yuan of wild buying, mainly in the Shanghai stock market, where large financial and market value stocks are concentrated. The net purchase of Shanghai Stock connect is 40.11 billion yuan, and that of Shenzhen Stock connect is 12.978 billion yuan.

A number of foreign investment banks have given high allocation and over allocation to a shares in their prospects and strategies for 2021.

Xing Ziqiang, chief economist of Morgan Stanley in China, Wang Ying, China market strategist, and others also continue to be firm bullish on a shares in the latest report. It is expected that the CSI 300 index will rise 14% by the end of next year.

Goldman Sachs held a media conference call on Chinas macroeconomic outlook and capital market dynamics in 2021. At the meeting, the latest forecast was made on Chinas economic growth rate, policy arrangement, RMB exchange rate and capital market in the next year: for the RMB exchange rate, Goldman Sachs said that it was very optimistic.

For Chinas stock market, Goldman Sachs still recommends high allocation. In terms of global markets, Goldman Sachs believes that with a significant rebound in the global economy next year, next year should be the highest absolute return on stocks since 2017.

Procyclicality has become the latest target of foreign investment

From the specific net purchase in November, the net buying trading days of Beishang capital were significantly more than the net selling days, and the net buying amount was obviously more than the net selling days. In the last two trading days, Beishang capital bought 2.5 billion yuan and 6 billion yuan respectively. Prior to that, net purchases exceeded 10 billion yuan in two trading days, and nearly 20 billion yuan on November 9.

From the industry point of view, since November, the growth of stock market value, northbound funds obviously prefer Pro cyclical undervalued plate. Among them, the banking sector is the most popular sector, with the largest amount of funds purchased from Beishang, followed by electronic components, chemical industry, insurance, materials, steel and other sectors. It is worth mentioning that procyclicality is also the hottest main line of the market in the near future.

Foreign capitals rush to raise funds for Cosmos trip

From the industry point of view, since November, the most favorite foreign investment in Beijing has been bank stocks. In terms of the market, the bank shares are also very active recently, with a gratifying rise. On November 27, it was a sharp drop of 2.35%.

On November 27, industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), known as the universal bank, surged 5.89%. On that day, foreign investors in the North net bought ICBC 202 million yuan.

Beishang capital added 17 shares in a row for seven weeks

According to the statistics of securities times u00b7 data treasure, Beishang capital has bought 142 shares for four consecutive weeks. In terms of industry, chemical industry has more stocks, with 17.

To lengthen the time, 17 shares were added by northbound capital for seven consecutive weeks. According to the change of shareholding proportion, Tang Shin Pei Jian has the largest increase in position, accounting for 6.63% of the circulating shares compared with seven weeks ago; other continuous positions have been increased by Fangda special steel, Meiya optoelectronics, guoci materials, Gree Electric appliances, etc.

Bank stocks are up 60%

Along with the bank stock riots, the investment banking aristocrat CICC at the end of October a strong bullish bank stocks research paper attracted attention. According to the report, after the third quarter, the asset quality of banks has entered a stage of overall improvement. The macroeconomic recovery and marginal stabilization of interest rates have given banks a stable operating environment. The logic of performance reversal, not valuation rebound will push bank stocks to usher in a big market similar to that in 2016-18, and a / h bank shares have a growth space of more than 60%.

Major overseas funds in the third quarter

Position of a shares increased by 13.4%

CITIC Securities recently released the global top 20 funds how to allocate China (2020q3) report, overseas major funds in the third quarter of A-share positions significantly increased.

According to CITIC Securities Research Report, as of late November, the position data of overseas fund companies in the third quarter has been basically disclosed. According to the statistical analysis of the top 20 heavy positions of 20 top fund companies that hold Chinese stocks, Q3 overseas major funds

Heavy positions in Chinese stocks rose 13.4% month on month to $551bn.

In the allocation of Chinese stocks by major overseas funds in the third quarter, the amount of heavy positions in the new economy sector (mainly Internet leaders, medical care, and information technology) increased significantly, while the amount of positions in traditional economic sectors decreased in the third quarter except for real estate and industry.

According to CITIC Securities research, the increase of overseas investors positions in Chinas stocks in the third quarter is mainly due to the excellent performance of Chinese stocks. Excluding the factors of stock price rise, alibaba-sw, Weilai, shell, Xiaomi group-w and other targets in the head companies have been increased by a large margin. At the level of individual stocks, Internet leaders continue to gain favor from overseas top funds. Secondary listing and new listed high-quality companies in the third quarter provide more choices for overseas top funds.