Renaults transition to commercial vehicle War I in China: can the golden cup sea lion king shoulder the heavy responsibility?

 Renaults transition to commercial vehicle War I in China: can the golden cup sea lion king shoulder the heavy responsibility?

Relevant information shows that brilliance Renault golden cup was established in December 2017, and its predecessor was Shenyang Brilliance Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd. As a result, the joint venture of Renault and brilliance will be formed at the price of 49% in China Jinbei in 2017. At present, in the equity structure of brilliance Renault Jinbei, Shenyang Jinbei Automobile Industry Holding Co., Ltd. accounts for 51% (the controlling party behind is brilliance china), and Renault simplification Co., Ltd. accounts for 49%. The joint venture mainly produces commercial vehicles, new energy commercial vehicles and personalized modified commercial vehicles.

Before that, Renault group had a comprehensive business layout of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in China, with four joint ventures in China at one time: among them, the passenger car business was mainly in Dongfeng Renault; the other company invested 1 billion yuan in Jiangling groups new energy in July last year to develop new energy passenger vehicles; there was also an Egert new energy company mainly engaged in the research and development of new energy technology The company and Renault hold shares. Commercial vehicle business is in brilliance Renault gold cup.

But from this year on, Renaults strategy in China has changed significantly. On April 14, Renault group transferred its 50% stake in Dongfeng Renault to Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., which means that it has withdrawn from the passenger car business and will focus on light commercial vehicles and electric vehicles in China. The light commercial vehicle business will be carried out through brilliance Renault Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd. In other words, brilliance Renault gold cup has become one of the pillar companies of Renaults business in China.

Brilliance Renault Jinbei said that with the Renault technology, the appearance design, quality and technology of Jinbei haishiwang are obviously different from those of Jinbei in terms of appearance design, quality and technology. Therefore, the joint venture also hopes to redefine LCV (light commercial vehicle) with this product.

In order to better serve the business passenger transport scene, the golden cup sea lion king also adopts the double side sliding door design to save the waiting time for the members of the car to realize fast boarding and alighting; while for the commercial freight scene, it provides 180 u00b0 split tail door design, 548mm minimum floor height of the same level, and 1100kg maximum bearing capacity, so as to improve the loading and unloading efficiency.

Brilliance Renault gold cup said that the brand-new golden cup sea lion king will let Jinbei brand tear off the old Van label. For a long time, although the golden cup model has the advantages of durable leather in the eyes of consumers, it is often linked with low-end models in the brand image, which is not conducive to the brand image of Renault. Looking at the domestic light commercial vehicle field, many independent brands have reached more consumers by creating products suitable for business and IKEA or through the strategy of business transfer, including SAIC GM Wuling, SAIC Datong, Jianghuai Automobile, etc. But the gold cup is relatively weak in this respect.

According to relevant information, the sales volume of Jinbei brand vehicles in 2019 is about 162000, accounting for only 4% of the domestic light commercial vehicle market share. However, due to the poor performance of the whole vehicle business, Jinbei Automobile has been listed twice in the st list in the past 10 years and has turned losses into profits for many times, mostly through government subsidies or asset sales. Therefore, in order to successfully protect the shell, Jinbei Automobile once completely stripped off the whole vehicle business in 2017 and transformed it into the existing parts business. Brilliance gold cup also introduced Renault as a new shareholder in this process, and completed the Sino foreign joint venture.

The development of the golden cup brand has been slow in the past. In an interview with the media, CEO of brilliance Renault golden cup Automobile Co., Ltd. said that what the newly established joint venture should do is to speed up as much as possible, we should launch updated products as quickly as possible, quickly adapt to the changes and demands of the market, and quickly upgrade, improve and change our internal and external production lines, products and demands.

According to the plan, by 2023, brilliance Renault gold cup will launch a full range of light commercial vehicles, including five models with core competitiveness covering different market segments. He further said that in the future, the joint venture will gradually launch electric vehicles. In terms of sales volume, brilliance Renault gold cup once proposed that the company should achieve the goal of annual sales of 150000 vehicles by 2022.

It is worth mentioning that the joint venture has specially added a jinbeibyrenault logo on the side of the body of the golden cup sea lion king to reflect Renaults endorsement. This change will also be extended to the subsequent products of the joint venture. However, according to sgomar, for a long time in the future, in addition to adding logo, brilliance Renault gold cup brand will continue to hang the golden cup brand instead of the Renault brand.

At present, brilliance Renault golden cup sea lion king has ushered in the first order. Before the launch conference, brilliance Renault golden cup signed a strategic contract with the trading service platform fastdog taxi app in Shenyang, jointly announcing the strategic partnership. Brilliance Renault golden cup provides 1000 replacement demand support for fastdog taxi Hailing platform. For Renault of brilliance golden cup, this big order may be a good start.

Reporter of Tong Fengliang Economic Observer