Employment market boom index rebounds, medium-sized enterprises only important reservoir for adults

 Employment market boom index rebounds, medium-sized enterprises only important reservoir for adults

On the evening of November 27, Guo Sheng told the Economic Observer network: we can see that the employment boom presents a curve of first restraining and then rising , and now it is about to return to the average level in 2019. So I judge that the next mass unemployment is not likely to happen.

Medium sized enterprises become reservoirs

In 2020, CIER (Chinas employment market prosperity index) began to show a steady upward trend in March, until the third quarter has returned to the average level of last year.

In Guo Shengs view, the stock market and employment boom are important reference indicators of economic barometer, and their internal logic also has common characteristics. He thinks that the variables influencing this indicator are mainly composed of market trend, noise and their own excess earnings.

Corresponding to the human capital market, the uncertainty caused by the epidemic has become the biggest noise this year. According to the Zhaopin recruitment survey, 63% of employees think that uncertainty poses a threat to enterprises. Small and micro enterprises bear the brunt of this threat, and 35.1% of small and micro enterprises are suffering from a decline in business performance.

Guo Sheng said that the market environment and noise are external factors, which affect the development of enterprises to a certain extent. If enterprises want to win the market, their own internal kinetic energy is the driving point to grasp in their own hands. Under the external impact, the internal structure of the organization needs to be more compact and obtain a sense of security in this years environment through a more harmonious employment relationship.

The uncertainty of talent flow due to the epidemic is changing. Guo Sheng told Economic Observer: before that, people were still eager to enter small and micro enterprises because of some factors such as entrepreneurship, but now more talents are flowing to medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises.

Medium sized enterprises have developed rapidly in this epidemic, even surpassing some large enterprises. Therefore, medium-sized enterprises are becoming a very important talent pool. Guo Sheng said.

The change of College Students career choice

Specifically for college students, the employment market boom report of the third quarter of 2020 shows that with the gradual improvement of epidemic prevention and control, the CIER index of college students in the third quarter of 2020 has risen to 1.38, but under the impact of the epidemic, it is still lower than the level of the same period last year.

Zeng Xiangquan, member of the Executive Committee of the International Association of employment and labor relations and director of the China Employment Research Institute of Renmin University of China, said at the forum on international management of Chinas human capital held on November 28: this years employment, we have experienced a V-shaped process of first falling and then rising. The CIER index has changed significantly, and the situation of new graduates is also such a change Employment has been greatly relieved.

Although the epidemic situation has been greatly alleviated, the new sense of crisis is also changing the career choice of fresh students.

Zhaopin recruitment survey found that in this years actual work choice, college students preferred stability work. The state-owned enterprise craze continues this year, with 27.2 college students targeting at large and stable state-owned enterprises. Secondly, institutions / government departments accounted for 25.9%.

For this years freshmen, nothing is more important than security and stability. A person in charge of Zhaopin recruitment pointed out.

In order to obtain more job opportunities and improve the success rate of job hunting, college students also take the first tier cities and new first tier cities as the primary job hunting destinations. North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first tier cities and a number of new first tier cities have become the destinations for job seekers to choose.

Among the ideal enterprises that college students aspire to, the results of 2020 Chinas best employer selection report released by Zhaopin recruitment show that Alibaba, byte jump, Tencent, Xiaomi, China Construction Bank and other 10 enterprises have become the most concerned enterprise employers for college students.

Compared with the previous years, the new generation of post-95 generation still has no big difference in their choice of ideal employers. Looking forward to have humanized employers, more eager to respect employees enterprises. Second, there are clear opportunities for development, and more emphasis on job prospects. However, salary, welfare, promise and other factors rank the third to the fifth in the order of College Students job hunting.

Post-95 have stronger personality, more self-confidence and more independence. In the face of these new employees, how should enterprises adapt and manage them?

Keqi, co-founder of super orangutan, said that if enterprises and young people want to achieve mutual benefit and common growth, enterprises need to establish effective mechanisms to provide better growth opportunities for employees. If enterprises want to coexist with young people, they should not only stimulate the vitality of young people, but also have the characteristics of adapting to the new generation.

Reporter of Li Jing Economic Observer