Northbound capital sweeps goods, this home appliance stock has bought more than 6 billion in recent month

 Northbound capital sweeps goods, this home appliance stock has bought more than 6 billion in recent month

Recently, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange released good news of northward fund, and the stock of science and Technology Innovation Board will be included in the subject of Shanghai Shenzhen Hong Kong stock connect. Analysts said that this will broaden the channels for international investors to buy, and will also help improve the structure of A-share investors.

Societe Generale Securities: in the long run, firstly, the correlation coefficient between A-share and US stock market is low, reflecting the advantage of multi market allocation; secondly, the weakening of US dollar is beneficial to emerging markets, and China is the most benefited; thirdly, the volatility of A-share is reduced, which has more allocation value; finally, at present, foreign-funded shares account for only 5% of the circulating market value of A-shares, compared with 15% in the United States, 30% in Japan and South Korea, and foreign capital in A-share is foreign-funded There is still room for doubling.

Increase in auto industry

Reduce security equipment

In terms of the net reduction amount, the northward fund reduced its holdings in 21 industries, of which security equipment was the largest, with a net sales amount of 1.170 billion yuan, followed by the liquor making industry, with a net sales of 1.083 billion yuan. In addition, cement building materials and software services were also reduced by more than 1 billion yuan.

Northbound capital continues to increase Gree Electric Appliances

Gree Electric (000651. SZ) is favored by northbound funds and has been net bought for seven consecutive trading days. This week, it has bought 2.125 billion yuan and 6.032 billion yuan in the past month. Since buying the stock, it has been rated by rating agencies in November. It is expected that the highest target price is Southwest Securities. The research report issued by Southwest Securities on November 1 gave the company a target price of 73.26 yuan. CAITONG Securities said that the recovery in the third quarter of the home appliance industry exceeded expectations due to the recovery of domestic home appliance volume and price and the fullness of export orders. According to the annual data of Beishang capital holding market value, the three industries of food and beverage, medical biology and household appliances hold the highest market value.

On the 25th, Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276. SH) announced that the companys two innovative drugs were included in the breakthrough treatment varieties, which will be combined for the treatment of cervical cancer. Driven by innovative drugs, it is expected that the revenue of tumor drug sector will maintain a growth of more than 40%. In addition, Hengrui pharmaceuticals third quarter performance improved month on month, and was increased by 1.087 billion yuan by northward funds this week.

Electrification is a clear development trend of the automobile industry. The superimposed policies are actively guiding and favorable. The growth and certainty of the leading companies in the new energy vehicle subdivision industry are both mixed. Therefore, Ningde era (300750. SZ), the leader of power lithium battery, and SAIC Group (600104. SH), Chinas largest automobile group, were increased by RMB 993 million and 891 million respectively this week.

Premium Wuliangye sold off

In terms of net sales, the net sales of Wuliangye (000858. SZ), Hikvision (002415. SZ), Industrial Bank (601166. SH), AVIC Optoelectronics (002179. SZ) and Sany Heavy Industry (600031. SH) were the top sellers. Among them, Wuliangye was sold by 1.054 billion yuan, Hikvision by 1.018 billion yuan, industrial bank by 967 million yuan, AVIC optoelectronics by 674 million yuan, Sany Heavy Industry by 6.74 billion yuan Net sales of 667 million yuan.

Among them, although Wuliangye continued to be reduced by more than 1 billion yuan this week, Wuliangye had two large transactions on the 27th, which was 9.28% higher than the closing price of that day. Wuliangye benefits from high-end liquor high scenery and the companys channel reform dividend continues to release, and the companys performance is expected to continue to grow.

Source: Yang Bin, editor in charge of economic report in the 21st century_ NF4368