Nearly 8 billion market value will be lifted, but this stock is up and down! The shares will be lifted next week

 Nearly 8 billion market value will be lifted, but this stock is up and down! The shares will be lifted next week

On November 28, the peoples Daily published a commentators article in the name of Qinchuan, saying that some of the recent top stream Ma Baoguos words and deeds are actually sensationalism and bluffing, which in the final analysis is a farce. In fact, what we do to promote traditional Wushu is to hurt it. He also denounced that allowing Ugliness to become popular and allowing bluffing and bluffing to become popular is harmful to social ethos and poisoning the value system.

Peoples Daily this short comment means that the Internet Carnival has come to an end, as it said: keep the bottom line, dont let the farce go on.

On November 28, @ BiliBili barrage network announced that some commercial organizations wanted to make use of the heat of the mabaoguo phenomenon to speculate and reap the flow for profit. From now on, it will strictly restrict, audit and manage the relevant video content of Malaysia Baoguo.

Hot concept stocks such as weil will be lifted next week

Next week, 49 stocks will be lifted, with a market value of 70.357 billion yuan, according to the latest closing price. The market value of the seven shares was more than 4 billion yuan, including Xiangpiao, Guangqi technology, aoshikang, haoma, Yuege, Zhaoyi innovation and Weiwei.

Xiangpiao has the largest market value. Next week, 354 million shares will be listed and circulated, mainly due to the restrictions on the sale and circulation of shares before the issuance, with a market value of 7.927 billion yuan. The national milk tea shares fluctuated upward in Fridays trading, trading up an hour before closing.

The lifting pressure of 13 stocks is relatively small, and the market value of lifting the ban is less than 100 million yuan. Among them, the market value of Chengdu bank and baby room is less than 10 million. The market value of the baby friendly room is 2535200 yuan, the smallest. 85700 shares will be listed next week, mainly due to equity incentive and restricted circulation.

More than 50% of 5 shares were lifted

The ratio of lifting the ban can also reflect the impact of the lifting of the ban on the stock price. According to the statistics of the securities times and data treasure, there are five stocks whose number accounts for more than 50% of the total share capital, namely, Xiangpiao, haoma, aoshikang, Yuege and CHENFENG technology. Among them, Xiangpiao has the largest proportion of shares lifted, accounting for 84.59% of the total share capital. In addition, the proportion of good wife was lifted by more than 80%, reaching 82.27%. The companys share price fell for five consecutive days last week. A number of consumers in Zhengzhou, Henan, complained to the market supervision authorities about the quality defects and defects of their good wifes kitchen electric products, according to media reports on the 24th.

There are 10 shares whose proportion of the total share capital is less than 1%. Less than 1% of the companies, such as Riyue, Lushang development, Beixin road and bridge, Langxin technology, sun paper, saiteng, qianfang technology and Shengbang, and less than 0.1% of baby friendly room and Bank of Chengdu.

The lifting of the ban on the stock market as a whole

According to data treasure statistics, the 49 stocks to be lifted next week have risen by an average of 1.37% since November, underperforming the 5.7% increase in the market over the same period. Since November, only four stocks have increased by more than 20%, including xinfengming, Keda manufacturing, Chihong Zinc Germanium and Ordos. Since November, xinfengmings stock price has risen 26.06%, the largest increase.

Kodak manufacturings share price has risen 23.8% since November, and its latest closing price is 5.15 yuan. In mid November, the company disclosed the employee stock ownership plan (Draft) in 2020, and the total amount of participating funds was no more than RMB 86.2269 million. Northeast Securities believes that the companys performance is currently at a relatively low level, and the business situation has improved since the third quarter. The issuance of the ESOP proves that the company is optimistic about its own follow-up development and has confidence in the companys development!

Four stocks, Jianlong Weina, xindazheng, Yujing and Lego, had a cumulative decline of more than 10%, with declines of 11.27%, 11.43%, 12.11% and 22.09%, respectively.

From the performance data, 43 of the 37 companies facing the lifting of the ban achieved profits in the first three quarters. The net profit of Bank of Chengdu in the first three quarters reached 4.2 billion yuan, ranking first. Puyuan information and Dongxu optoelectronics are in the loss and the net profit of the first three quarters has a larger year-on-year decline.

The biggest increase in net profit over the same period of last year was Weil Co., Ltd., with a year-on-year increase of 1177.75% in the first three quarters. Net profit of 6 shares increased by more than 100% in the first three quarters, including Lego, Mindray, Jingrui, Fengle Seed, Shandong development and Riyue. The performance of guanghetong, Shengbang, saiteng, Zhaoyi innovation and dema technology in the first three quarters achieved significant growth year-on-year.

Statement: all information in data bank does not constitute investment advice. Stock market is risky and investment should be cautious.

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368