Teslas another big thing! 115000 vehicles were investigated for potential safety hazards

 Teslas another big thing! 115000 vehicles were investigated for potential safety hazards

The U.S. Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) said on November 27 that it had launched an investigation into 114761 Tesla vehicles concerning the safety of the front suspension. The agency said it was conducting a preliminary assessment of models 2015-2017 and modelx 2016-2017 after receiving 43 complaints about front suspension failure.

The US highway safety administration also said Tesla issued a maintenance bulletin in February 2017 describing manufacturing conditions that could cause the front suspension to fail.

Source: CCTV

According to public data, in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Teslas global annual sales volume was 50000, 76000 and 103000 respectively. However, the total number of 2015-2017 models and 2016-2017 modelx vehicles surveyed was 115000.

More than 30000 imported vehicles were recalled three times during the year

Since 2020, up to now, Tesla has recalled imported vehicles three times in China. The three recalls were announced on February 14, October 23 and November 27, respectively, involving more than 30000 vehicles.

Source: Official Website of State Administration of market supervision and Administration

according_to_the_relevant_recall_announcement_ , _the_recalled_vehicles_involve_ _when_exposed_to_high_corrosion_environment_such_as_strong_deicing_salt_for_a_long_time_ , _the_bolts_that_fix_the_steering_gear_motor_to_the_steering_gear_housing_may_be_corroded_and_broken_ , _when_subjected_to_large_external_impact_ , _the_front_suspension_rear_connecting_rod_ball_head_bolt_will_produce_initial_crack_ , _and_the_crack_may_extend_when_the_vehicle_is_used_continuously_ ._ In the extreme case of insufficient adhesion on the top of the vehicle, it is possible to further weaken the surface of the vehicles connecting rod under the condition of insufficient adhesion, which may cause further damage to the surface of the vehicles connecting rod Fall off and other security problems.

Model 3 weak sales in Europe

According to media reports, under the background of strong synchronous growth of electric vehicle sales in Europe and China, Teslas sales in Europe are not good enough, and even are fading out of the mainstream models in the European new energy vehicle market. To be specific, in the context of a 153% year-on-year increase in sales of electric vehicles in Europe in October this year, Tesla Model 3 has fallen out of the top 10 of the best-selling list of pure electric vehicles.

In October, the most dazzling model in the European pure electric market was VWs id.3, which sold 10475 vehicles; Zoe from Renault ranked second with 9778 vehicles sold in October; and Hyundai Kona ranked third with 5261 sales. Tesla dropped out of the top 10.

How are Chinese car owners?

In sharp contrast to the European market, in Chinas new energy vehicle market, the data of Huatai Securities and China Automobile Association show that in October, the domestic sales of new energy passenger vehicles were 148000, a year-on-year increase of 105%, including 122000 pure electric vehicles, a sharp increase of 113% year-on-year, continuing the strong growth pattern since the second half of the year.

According to the wholesale sales volume in October, SAIC GM Wuling, BYD and Tesla ranked among the top three domestic auto companies with sales of 24300, 22000 and 12100 respectively.

According to industry insiders, the optimistic expectations of investors and consumers may be too high compared with the weak sales volume of Tesla in Europe, the frequent security risks of Tesla in the U.S. and the Chinese market, and the recent record high Tesla share price.

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