2020 fund explodes again! This is the most successful 127percent winner?

 2020 fund explodes again! This is the most successful 127percent winner?

It is worth mentioning that there will be an obvious structural bull market in 2019 and 2020. Public offering active equity funds continue to show the strength of buying funds is better than investing in stocks. The overall performance of the funds has greatly exceeded the index. In addition, a number of funds have achieved 200% performance in recent two years, which makes the market marvel.

Top fund returns over 127% in the year

In 2020, there will be many long-term events due to the new crown epidemic, but also benefit from the relatively loose monetary policy to deal with the epidemic, so that the overall A-share market still presents a good structural market. In this process, public funds show the strength of professional research, showing the strength of buying funds is better than investing in stocks.

According to wind data, as of November 27, all the mainstream indexes have been on the rise since November 27. The growth enterprise market index is the best, with an increase of 45.65% this year. In addition, the small and medium-sized board index and Shenzhen composite index have also increased by more than 30%.

It should be pointed out that at one time, individual stocks in science and technology, consumption, medicine and other industries performed well, showing an extreme structural market. However, this situation has changed in recent years. The pro cyclical sectors such as banking, coal and nonferrous metals have increased significantly. For example, the financial shares of Zhou hardware rose sharply, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 reached a 12-year high.

There are a number of fund performance is more advanced, obviously seize the market opportunity. According to the data, there are 6 funds with a return rate of over 100%, among which the best performance is the high-end manufacturing industry of Guangfa, with an overall return of 127.28%.

Active equity funds with good performance since this year (excluding category C)

Focus on the performance competition of Three Kingdoms

As found in the table above, as of November 27, the top performance funds mainly belonged to GF, ABC Huili and ICBC Credit Suisse. It can be said that there is a wave of Three Kingdoms fighting for hegemony for the time being.

According to the public data, GF high-end manufacturing stock a was established in September 2017, with a current scale of 7.104 billion yuan (wind), which is jointly managed by Zheng chengran and sun di. Zheng chengran, a relatively new fund manager, started to manage the fund in July this year. The shares of high-end stocks such as Longwei group and Sinotech group are listed as high-end stocks of Longwei group and Tongwei group.

However, from the perspective of recent market shocks, the daily net value of GF high-end manufacturing has not changed much. For example, from November 23 to November 27, the daily rise and fall were 1.54%, - 0.01%, - 0.81%, - 0.66% and 0.49% respectively.

From the quarterly report of these three funds, the coincidence degree of heavy positions in the third quarter is higher. Taking ABC Huili industry 4.0 as an example, the current scale of the fund is 649 million yuan, and the heavy positions at the end of the third quarter are Ningde times, Yingliu shares, Zhenhua Technology, Tongwei shares, Longji shares, etc. the quarterly report also mentioned that the fund has maintained a high position level in the first three quarters as a whole, and there is no major structural adjustment. At present, the portfolio positions are mainly concentrated in computers, electronics, machinery and new energy Source and other industries.

However, the A-share market is approaching the end of the year, and the current market style is changing. Before the last moment, the fund performance ranking will remain in suspense.

The return rate of ICBC Credit Suisse strategic transformation theme fund and ICBC Credit Suisse strategic emerging industry a under ICBC Credit Suisse fund also exceeded 100%, and they also have the strength to compete for hegemony. Both fund managers are Du Yang. Judging from his resume, he has served as a fund manager for 5.79 years. According to the third quarter report of ICBCs strategic transformation stocks, on the basis of overall balance, the industry has continued the moderate over allocation of new energy, media, automobile and other industries.

In the past two years, the return of 17 funds exceeded 200%

In 2019 and 2020, there will be an obvious structural bull market, and public offering active equity funds will continue to show the strength of buying funds is better than investing in stocks.

Wind information data shows that the gem index is one of the best performing indexes in the past two years. From November 28, 2018 to November 27, 2020, the gem index increased by 99.1%, which means that the index almost doubled. During the same period, the small and medium-sized board index, Shenzhen Composite Index and Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index also increased by 79.59%, 79.31% and 58.76%. Since November 28, 2018, the Shanghai Composite Index has also risen by 32.38%, showing a good market situation.

In the same period, the public funds also achieved good returns. According to wind information data, excluding the new funds less than two years old, the graded funds only count the parent shares. As of November 27, the active equity funds have gained 78.15% of the total income in the past two years, and the overall performance is significantly better than that of CSI 300, similar to that of the SME board index. However, the overall return of partial mixed fund with minimum stock position of 60% reached 104.23%, and that of general stock fund with minimum stock position of 80% was 108.75%, which all exceeded the trend of gem.

Industry insiders said that the fact that public funds have largely outperformed the Shanghai stock index shows the professionalism of institutional investors and seized the structural opportunities of the market. More and more important is the more mature investment market. For ordinary investors, it may be a good choice to choose excellent fund manager management products for medium and long-term investment.

The king of the fund has also written a lot about the funds performance: its better to buy a fund than to speculate in stocks. The public fund should be one of the first choices of public finance. However, in the past, there were many factors that caused this problem. However, there are also some people who have not insisted on long-term investment and asset allocation. They often apply for a large number of funds at the very high level of the market, but they have not applied for the fund when they are at the low level, and even leave the market after cutting their flesh. Therefore, some fund managers suggest that we should establish the asset allocation thinking of long-term investment and learn to buy more and more when we fall.

At the same time, the fund also wants to remind investors that the past performance of the fund does not represent the future performance. The long, medium and short-term performance of the fund is an important reference in the process of buying a fund, but it is not the only reference. Investors must combine their own capital attributes and risk preferences, do their own asset allocation, do not put eggs in a basket. With the structural market for two consecutive years, the investment value of equity assets has declined compared with that at the beginning of the year. At the same time, compared with other types of assets, their cost performance ratio is also decreasing. Therefore, in addition to equity funds, some other types of funds can also be moderately concerned.

Active equity funds with performance over 150% in recent 2 years (excluding category C)

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