Impact 3 billion! In the next week, another approved explosive fund is coming

 Impact 3 billion! In the next week, another approved explosive fund is coming

In the next week (November 30 to December 4), 28 new funds will be launched, including active partial shares, fixed income +, index and pure debt. In terms of active partial equity funds, six new products will be launched next week, and new products will be listed in the public offerings of Xingzheng global, Jiashi, Nanfang, Penghua, and China Europe.

The fixed income + varieties, including partial bond hybrid funds and secondary debt bases, have become the key areas of fund companies layout. New products of e fund, Guangfa, Yinhe and other companies are about to compete on the same platform, and are mostly managed by investment masters with leading performance. New explosive funds may be born, and may be serial explosion.

If the issuance of new funds continues to sell well in the next few weeks, the sales scale of new funds will exceed 3 trillion yuan in 2020.

28 new funds are on sale this week

As the end of the year is approaching, fund companies are enthusiastic about new products. According to wind statistics, 28 new funds will be launched this week.

From the start date of subscription, Tuesday is the most concentrated day of fund issuance. The day is December 1, the fund companies will arrange the schedule on this day, 15 new funds will be launched. Of course, as the most vulnerable issue day, Monday is also the peak of new fund issuance. On November 30, 10 funds were launched.

As a highly concerned category, 10 active partial equity funds will be raised this week. On November 30, Xingquan Antai actively aims to provide for the aged for five years, and the trend of Zhongrong industry will be released in one year. The next day, Penghua preferred growth, Jiashi high-quality selection, industrial upgrading in southern China, Xingye consumption selection, balanced growth of China and the EU, and other powerful companies new products were put on the shelves. In addition, UBS vision growth, which is headed by the general manager of the Fund Investment Department of UBS, will be issued on Wednesday, December 2. The only stock fund to be issued next week is selected by investment promotion industry, and the fund-raising will be launched on December 3.

From the perspective of these funds that are about to enter the issue period, fixed income + new products will become the category of centralized distribution of fund companies, and 8 products will be launched. GF Hengyu will be launched on November 30, and the fund is planned to be managed by Tan Changjie, an outstanding fund manager. On the same day, the 6-month holding of Anxin stable return also entered the issue, and the fund is planned to be steered by Zhong Guangzheng, investment director of the fixed income Department of Anxin fund.

In addition, it is worth noting that four index products focusing on the technology industry will also be released. Except Tibet Dongcai Zhongzheng new energy vehicles, the other three are ETF products. On December 1, both Fuguo China Securities smart car theme ETF and Fuguo Zhongzheng big data industry ETF were launched. On the same day, Huatai Bairui China Securities photovoltaic industry ETF, the first domestic photovoltaic module ETF product, will also start to subscribe.

First, it depends on the performance benchmark of the product

General fund performance benchmark, including a certain type of stock index multiplied by a certain proportion, and a certain type of bond ratio multiplied by a certain proportion, investors should pay attention to the performance benchmark. For example, Shanghai Shenzhen 300 index yield * 35% + Hang Seng index yield * 35% + China Securities full bond index yield * 30%

We can see from the performance benchmark whether the fund is biased towards stocks or bonds, as well as the fund layout theme and industry. These are the embodiment of the funds investment objectives, which are very important for investors to make decisions.

Looking at the performance comparison benchmark of active partial shares, investors should pay attention to three aspects. First, in the performance benchmark, attention should be paid to the need for a certain index to account for more than 60%. This may be one of the manifestations of product style. For example, tracking CSI 800 will become more long-term trend; for example, tracking CSI 300 will be more stable and prefer blue chips.

Second, investors need to see the proportion of each tracking index, which also represents the risk characteristics of the product. In addition, from the performance benchmark, we can see the investment scope of the fund. For example, some performance benchmarks include Hong Kong index products, which represent that the fund products not only invest in the stock market, but also have a layout in Hong Kong stocks.

As the helmsman of fund, the importance of fund manager is self-evident. At present, active partial equity funds and fixed income + funds are more concerned, so focus on the selection of fund managers of these two types of new funds.

Performance is the touchstone of fund managers. It is an important indicator to measure the investment ability of fund managers to successfully cross the long-term sustainable performance of bull and bear.

Therefore, first of all, we can look at the actual years of fund management of these fund managers, and it is better to choose the fund managers with more than three years working experience. However, fund managers with more than 4 years service life and good performance need to pay more attention.

It is worth noting that the working years of fund managers are different from those of managing funds. The working years of fund managers are the time since they have been engaged in the investment industry. Generally speaking, from the resume of fund managers, the years of fund managers managing funds should be focused on, which is generally the accumulated time of their actual management products.

At the same time, investors can also take a look at the fund managers academic and professional experience. It can also be used as reference information. For example, fund managers in medicine, technology and other industries have a strong professional background, while QDII fund managers should have overseas relevant work experience.

Yingshuai, the fund manager to be appointed for industrial upgrading in southern China, currently has a total scale of 5.761 billion yuan.

Resume of Ying Shuai: Master of management, Guanghua School of management, Peking University, with fund qualification. He once served as an industry researcher of Great Wall Fund Management Company, joined China Southern Fund in 2007, served as fund manager of Southern Baoyuan from May 2007 to February 2009, manager of Southern component fund from May 2007 to November 2012, manager of Southern Baoyuan fund from December 2010 to March 2016, manager of Southern robust fund since November 2012, and fund manager of nanwen No.2 since November 2012; Since March 2016, he has been the manager of Nanfang drive fund; since August 2017, he has been the manager of Nanfang intelligent manufacturing stock fund. From September 1, 2020, he has been the fund manager of the regular open hybrid fund of China Southern growth enterprise market for two years.

Jiashi high quality selection is to be appointed fund manager Hu Tao, and the total scale of funds under management is 8.01 billion yuan.

Resume of Hu Tao: MB, Chartered Financial Analyst (CF), Kelly School of business, Indiana University, USA, with fund qualification and Chinese nationality. He once served as the manager of Investment Banking Department of Beijing Securities Co., Ltd., stock research manager of China International Finance Co., Ltd., researcher of Changsheng Fund Management Co., Ltd., assistant fund manager of AIA Huatai Fund Management Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of Investment Department of special account of Manulife Fund Management Co., Ltd., research director of research department, fund manager, etc. In March 2014, he joined the stock investment department of Harvest Fund Management Co., Ltd. He was the investment director of GRP strategy group and is now the master fund manager.

Wang Jian, the proposed fund manager of China EU balanced growth, currently has a total fund size of 4.653 billion yuan.

Resume of Wang Jian: Master of Biophysics, Zhejiang University. He joined China Europe Fund Management Co., Ltd. in June 2015, and served as the head of strategy group and investment manager, He is currently the head of strategy group, investment director, China Europe new power hybrid fund (LOF) fund manager (since November 3, 2016), China Europe gold and flexible allocation hybrid fund fund manager (since November 3, 2016), and China Europe pension industry hybrid fund manager (since November 3, 2016). Fund manager of China Europe Jiahe three-year holding hybrid fund (from May 28, 2020 to present).

Resume of Zhong Guangzheng: Master of economics. He is now the director of fixed income investment of Anxin Fund Management Co., Ltd. From December 26, 2018 to now, he has been the fund manager of Anxin Yongtai regular open bond sponsored fund and Anxin Zunxiang Tianyi bond fund; from January 22, 2019 to now, he has been the fund manager of Anxin new value flexible allocation hybrid fund; since August 26, 2019, he has been the fund manager of Anxin accumulation enhanced bond fund. On August 2020, he was appointed as the manager of Anrui bond fund. From November 26, 2020, he served as the fund manager of Anxin stable return 6-month holding period hybrid fund.

Tan Changjie, the proposed fund manager of GF Hengyu, currently has a total fund size of 21.884 billion yuan.

Resume of Tan Changjie: Master of economics, currently, GF trend preferred flexible allocation hybrid fund manager (since January 29, 2015), GF juan hybrid fund manager (from March 25, 2015), GF Jubao hybrid fund manager (from April 9, 2015), GF Henglong one-year holding hybrid fund manager (from March 20, 2020) To take up the post).

The one-year holding fund of Yinhua Zhaoli has experienced Zou Weina, and the total scale of funds under management is 18.553 billion yuan.

Zou Weina: Master of economics. He has been engaged in macroeconomic analysis in China economic network data Co., Ltd. of state information center, and worked as assistant investment manager and self owned account investment manager in China Re Asset Management Co., Ltd. He joined Yinhua Fund Management Co., Ltd. in October 2012, and is now the deputy director and fund manager of the third investment management department. He is currently the fund manager of Yinhua credit four season red bond fund, Yinhua credit quarterly red bond fund, Yinhua Yongli bond fund, and Yinhua Yongyi graded bond fund.

Resume of Zhang Yajun: joined e fund management Co., Ltd. on May 17, 2011, and served as bond trader and fixed income researcher. At present, he is assistant to the general manager of the mixed asset investment department of e fund. His management includes e-fund Yufeng return, e-fund Zhaoyi one-year holding period, Ren e-fund-pan Heng nine-month holding period hybrid fund, and e-fund-pantai one-year holding period hybrid fund.

Third, we should pay attention to the upper limit of new fund raising

Many investors also need to pay attention to the new cap.

As a mixed fund of partial debt, Boshi Hengxu rarely holds the fund in one year, and sets the upper limit of raising, which is 10 billion yuan. When the amount exceeds the upper limit of the size of the offering, the fund manager may confirm it in proportion or by other means.

Fourth, we should pay attention to the cost of the new fund

Management fee rate and custody rate are important indicators of new funds that are worthy of investors attention. At present, the management rate of major partial stock mixed funds is basically 1.5%, and the custody rate is basically 0.25%, and a few of them are lower.

Fifth, pay attention to the holding period of new funds

This week into the issuance of funds, many set the shortest holding period, such as Boshi Hengxu one-year holding, Anxin steady return of six months held.

In addition, there are regular open funds, which need more attention. Different from ordinary open-end funds, which can be purchased and redeemed freely on the trading day, regular open-end funds can only be traded within a fixed open period. Generally, the open-end funds with a period of more than three and a half months are mainly open-end funds and mixed funds with a period of more than three and a half months.

The scale of dingkai fund is stable, which is helpful to the fund managers operation and management, and is helpful for investors to make long-term investment, so as to avoid chasing up and killing down caused by emotions.

The fixed opening fund has a fixed opening time for subscription and redemption. During the closed period, it does not accept any subscription and redemption operation, and the total share of the fund is fixed during the closed period. Compared with the holding period products, it can not be applied at any time. After the closing period, it can either choose to redeem or enter the next operation cycle for operation.

Sixth, pay attention to the proportion of fund stock investment

Although many funds are collectively referred to as fixed income + products, different funds have their own settings for obtaining stable coupon income by investing no less than a certain proportion of fund assets in the bond market and being able to invest in the secondary stock market at a certain proportion not higher than the fund assets during the stock market rebound. Investors can choose fund products with different stock position limits according to their own risk tolerance.

From the perspective of stock investment ratio, the four funds, including the stable return of AXA for six months, have set a 40% equity investment cap, and the remaining funds have set a maximum stock investment cap of 20% or 30%.

Source: China Fund News Editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368