Nate Robinsons debut in boxing: fighting for NBA brother

 Nate Robinsons debut in boxing: fighting for NBA brother

It is understood that Robinson will stage a boxing match with net red Jack Paul as the cushion for Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., which is the focus of attention. Jack Paul is a controversial internet celebrity, and has a lot of negative news about his feelings. Robinson is expected to put on a good play of scum man in boxing.

Robinson, 1.75 meters tall, was selected in the 21st place in the first round of the 2005 NBA Draft Convention and entered the league. Robinson has been in the League for 11 years. He has played for eight different teams. He has played for 22.5 minutes per game and can contribute 11 points, 2.3 rebounds and 3 assists. Robinsons NBA career peaked in 2008-09. That season, as the super sixth man of the New York Knicks, he averaged 17.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game.

Although he is short of height, Robinsons athletic talent is outstanding and his ability to bounce is very strong. In 2006, 2009 and 2010, he once beat a number of good dunk players and became the NBA all star dunk championship. It is worth mentioning that Robinson was a basketball and rugby course in college. In addition, Robinson has also made great achievements in track and field, which can be described as a sports all rounder.

With a strong body, Robinson is a master who no one dares to provoke in the NBA period. Although he was short of height, Robinson was always in the front of every fight. In 2006, a scuffle broke out between the Denver Nuggets and the New York Knicks. Robinson charge in front, directly over the opponents prickly character Jr - Smith, can be said to be famous in the NBA. With Robinsons fighting ability, it can be said that after leaving the field, it can be said that it is natural for him to switch to boxing. Source of this article: Netease sports Author: Sal Hu responsible editor: Qiao yuanlei_ NS1098