It can be called Shura field! Guo Jingming comments on ER Dongshengs works

 It can be called Shura field! Guo Jingming comments on ER Dongshengs works

Later, he also made severe comments on Huang Yi, Ma Su, Ni Hongjie and Zhang Yue, saying that he (Guo Jingming) is not needed to comment. Ill protect you. If someone challenges my actors, well come out and argue. And said, the responsibility is basically mine. Guo Jingming was questioned at the scene: just now you said you want to be merciful. Did I just aim at you? Guo Jingming was said to cry and apologized to ER Dongsheng, but the director still stopped the program, went to the bathroom, came back to record, and shook hands with Guo Jingming, saying that his way of expression was not very good.

It is reported that Guo Jingmings behavior has been highly controversial in actor please be in position 2. Guo Jingmings overtime shooting for painted skin for many days before caused dissatisfaction from other directors, which also led to a day left for the next work, which could only be perfunctory, leading to the second work winning the last place.

On November 15, Yu Zheng was suspected to be in the circle of friends on November 15. He said: extremely selfish people know what they want, so they set up their own professional and high requirements for those people who are not liked by the whole people after they have raised the traffic and accepted the scolding. He called Guo Jingming the merchant quality. In addition, Yu Zheng also criticizes bitterly in the article: the work is not good, the affectation is extremely bad, all the staff are props, as if the director - individual is acting, saying disgusting words, pushing forward the plot without knowing what is going on, and there is only BGM left to blow!

Previously, in the first episode of the program, Guo Jingming gave he Changxi, who has poor acting skills, an S-card, on the ground that he is encouraged to be the worst. This has caused a huge controversy in the program. The other three directors do not agree with Guo Jingmings practice. Li Chengru even criticized Guo Jingmings practice of turning hands for clouds, covering hands for rain. He said that there should be a unified standard for issuing s-cards, and it is for other actors to encourage poor performance Its unfair.

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Chen Kaiges s s cards are all given to young actors to help them progress, and he is criticized just like Guo Jingming

With the program broadcast, other directors began to make complaints about their preferences and ideas. For example, Kaige Chen was very optimistic about Chen Wei Wei. Even though he did not play well, he would try to maintain him. He finally gave S card to Chen Youwei. Shing Yee, in order to get Zhang Yue to be promoted, chose to send S card to her who did not show outstanding performance. What difference does Guo Jingming make complaints about? Please come back, teacher Li Chengru.

For example, director Er Dongsheng sent the s card that should have been given to the best actor to new actor Zhang Yue. The reason is that the promotion of other actors in the group is very safe, but Zhang Yue is more dangerous, so he gave her an s card to encourage her. As soon as the clip appeared, it caused controversy on the Internet. The standard of s card should be acting, but now it has gradually become an encouragement card, which deviates from the original intention of the program.

Guo Jingming was recommended by Er Dongsheng for crying. The judging standard of actor please be in position 2 is questioned: S-card has become an encouraging card to clear the past? Meng Ziyi sent an article to thank Guo Jingming: Thank you for your tolerance. Zhang MingEn returns to the stage to assist in the performance of actor, please be in position 2, which was affirmed by Er Dongsheng. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Jiaxin_ NBJS11395

Guo Jingming is cried by Er Dongsheng