Netizens fried Kwai, the birds nest is all sugar water, fast brother to pay about 60000000.

 Netizens fried Kwai, the birds nest is all sugar water, fast brother to pay about 60000000.

In addition, Xinxuan also announced that it will carry out a series of supply chain rectification and upgrading, and launch the consumer protection program.

On the evening of the 27th, Xin Youzhi responded to the birds nest incident, saying that Xinxuan had put forward the compensation plan in advance, recalled all the Mingzhi brand birds nest products sold in Xinxuans live studio, and assumed the responsibility of refund and compensation. A total of 57820 orders were sold, with a sales amount of 15.496 million yuan, and a total of 61.983 million yuan of compensation should be refunded to solve the problem first.

According to the statement, during the promotion and sale of Mingzhi brand birds nest products in the live broadcasting room, there was indeed exaggeration, and the ingredients of birds nest were less than 2G per bowl.

Xin Youzhi said that in this incident, Xinxuan team failed to identify the product information provided by the brand side due to insufficient reserve of relevant professional knowledge of birds nest industry in terms of product selection and quality inspection. There were exaggerated propaganda contents, omissions, and impulsive response, which caused a storm of public opinion. Once again, we sincerely apologize to the majority of consumers and all sectors of society.

The statement said that after the birds nest incident, the brand should have compensated all users according to the provisions of the false publicity law, but the brand side has been avoiding communication and has no clear plan.

Simba admitted that the birds nest is actually a flavor drink and should not be promoted as a birds nest product. Due to the lack of professional knowledge of birds nest industry in terms of selection and quality inspection, Xinxuan team failed to identify the exaggerated publicity content.

After that, Xinxuan team will further review the partners, strengthen the quality control link, introduce experts from various industries, cooperate with professional testing institutions and laboratories of colleges and universities, provide strong professional guidance for product selection, and set up a Quality Supervision Committee for Xinxuan, and set up a special fund to improve the selection standards.

Simba himself finally said that at the time of the incident, he did not go to a third-party agency to verify the product, but based on the information of the brand, he made a quick response and made a joke, and felt very guilty and self reproach.

Event review

Afterwards, Simba made a response in the live broadcasting room. She filtered out the dry goods in a bottle of Mingzhi instant birds nest with a leaky spoon, and said these were all birds nests. She also produced a product inspection report to prove her innocence. At the same time, he said that it was some black powder who deliberately discredited it and that he wanted to sue these people for slander when he lost his fortune.

On November 14, Wang Hai, a professional anti-counterfeiter, wrote about the birds nest. The truth is: 1. Simbas birds nest is a flavor drink, not a birds nest; 2. The flavor drink of Simba belongs to food that does not meet the food safety standards. Consumers can ask for a refund of 10 yuan. 3. If the purchase price is 4.2 yuan, the consumers are deceived to say that selling at a loss or selling with a discount is fraud.

On November 6, Xinxuans official microblog also issued a lawyers statement, saying that Shida Meili promoted the sale of Mingzhi brand in the live broadcasting room and Xiaojin bowl of birds nest rock sugar instant edible birds nest were all qualified and genuine products. The company and Shida Meili will entrust lawyers to investigate and collect evidence and take legal measures to investigate and investigate the infringement behavior of some network users who publish slander comments on the original video after editing and modifying.

On November 19, Wang Haiqi released a test report issued by CGE, pointing out that the instant birds nest product sold by Simba was sugar water, and the sugar water does not contain protein and amino acids, and the detection result shows that the sialic acid content is as high as 1.4% in 10000. However, the price of sialic acid per 100g in the market is 500 yuan, and the value of 0.014 G is only about 7 cents, plus the packaging materials and contents Processing fee and industrial cost shall not exceed 1 yuan.

On November 20, Simba immediately released a response to the birds nest incident statement via Xinxuans official microblog, saying that the products sold contained sialic acid, a component of birds nest, in addition to the sugar content that should have been contained in rock sugar birds nest products. The company carries out live promotion according to the product information provided by Rongyu company. After the event, the product will be sent for inspection as soon as possible. After the result is sent back, it will be notarized and published. If consumers are not satisfied with this product, they can go to the Mingzhi tmall flagship store to apply for refund and return, and our team will do its best to help consumers protect their rights.

After the incident, the starting shares of A-share company, which reached cooperation with Simba on carrying goods, fell continuously on the 19th and 20th. Over the seven trading days, the companys share price has fallen by 25%, lower than the closing price of the day before the company announced its stake in Simba in September.

In the evening of September 16, the company received the notice from the controlling shareholder of Hong Kong start-up and signed a share transfer agreement with Xinxuan investment on September 15. Hong Kong start-up agreed to transfer its 23598000 shares (5% of the companys total share capital) to Xinxuan investment at the price of RMB 9.1620 per share, with the total consideration of RMB 216 million Hong Kong start and Zhang Xiaoshuang signed a share transfer agreement on September 15. Hong Kong start agreed to transfer its 23598000 shares (5% of the companys total share capital) to Zhang Xiaoshuang at the price of RMB 91620 per share, with the total consideration of RMB 216 million.

According to the announcement, Xinxuan investment is 95% owned by Xin Youzhi and 5% by Mengyao. After the transfer of this agreement, Hong Kong started to hold 194 million shares of the company, accounting for 41.20% of the total share capital of the company; Xinxuan investment and Zhang Xiaoshuang each held 5% of the total shares.

Citic securities analysis said that after the completion of the equity transaction, Simba will become the second largest shareholder of initial shares. Xin Kwai was selected as the top supplier of the live broadcast business, and in 2019, Simbas GMV (total turnover) exceeded 13 billion yuan. The team has multiple head Kwai numbers, large flow capacity and strong cargo carrying capacity, and the total number of fans is over 187 million. At the same time, Xinxuan also has a strong supply chain management capabilities, more than 2000 cooperative brands, and has its own supply chain.

Live broadcast is full of chaos

Wang Han, Li Xueqin and Yang Kun all overturned

On the evening of November 11, popular talk show actors Li Xueqin and Yang Tiantian participated in a live broadcast on a certain platform, and most of the people they interacted with were fake robot fans, Tencent reported. A staff member who participated in the live broadcast said that of the 3.11 million viewers at the end of the day, less than 110000 were real. The number of other viewers was spent. Most of the fans who interacted with Li Xueqin in the comment area were also robots.

On the evening of November 25, according to the financial report, Yang Kuns first show in the first half of the live with goods list had a sales volume of 14.51 million yuan, ranking second in the list.

But what they didnt expect was that what they were looking forward to bringing about was not a sales miracle, but a large-scale rollover scene. Some businesses said that the cost of recovering the pit fee needed 3500 orders, and finally sold only 180 single, 30 thousand yuan; 99 yuan a box of mask sold 18 thousand yuan, but the refund was nearly 4000 yuan; although some sales were good, but after two days, the refund began to catch up with sales directly, that is, almost 90% of them had a refund. The other is more shocking to businesses. He spent 120000 yuan for pit space, and the total sales volume was 1.2 million yuan on that day. However, he didnt expect to get a large refund one day later. The refund was more than 1.1 million yuan, and the remaining sales volume was only 40000 yuan.

Every business that invited Yang Kun to live broadcast was faced with large-scale refund. One of them noticed something strange and realized that there might be bill swiping in Yang Kuns live broadcasting room. The company also claimed to have caught one of the brushes and left a recording of the phone call.

Therefore, the businessmen united and established a rights protection group of Yang Kun live broadcast merchants who were trapped. For the loss of the business, the operation director said that he could make up the make-up, but could not decide to refund.

Subsequently, the merchants chose to call the police and identify Yang Kun for suspected fraud during the live broadcast. However, after listening to the merchants account, the police said that even if there is evidence that Yang Kuns live broadcast relied on the brush order, it can only be said to be shoddy, not fraud, but civil disputes. Therefore, it is suggested to take legal measures, and the police will not file a case.

Know the star announced with the cargo volume will have moisture, want to squeeze water also can earn, but did not expect all water. A businessman said bitterly. On November 23, the State Administration of radio and television issued the notice on strengthening the management of live broadcast of network show and live broadcast of e-commerce, which pointed out that we should focus on the management of live broadcasting room, head anchor and account number, live broadcast with high traffic or high transaction volume, and strengthen the compliance inspection. It is necessary to explore the establishment of a real-time dynamic management mechanism based on scientific classification and classification, set up reward, punishment and withdrawal measures, improve the ability to screen and crack down on data fraud, and play a positive role in maintaining the integrity market environment. Source: China Fund News Editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

Know the star announced with the cargo volume will have moisture, want to squeeze water also can earn, but did not expect all water. A businessman said bitterly.