Li Jiaqi responds to the new rules of live delivery: be responsible for those who like themselves

 Li Jiaqi responds to the new rules of live delivery: be responsible for those who like themselves

Netease Entertainment reported on November 28, November 27, Li Jiaqi made a response in an interview with the media on whether the new regulations on carrying goods with live broadcast will affect the live delivery. He said that the new rules would not affect him. He said that as a pioneer of live delivery, he would strictly require his team to abide by the new rules, live up to the people who like him, be responsible for them and give them a good shopping experience.

Prior to this, Li Jiaqi was criticized by the Consumer Association for being not allowed to change after buying in its live room.

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Li Jiaqis response to no change after buying: will be responsible to the end

Netease Entertainment reported on November 22, November 21, according to the case of double 11 consumer rights protection public opinion analysis report issued by China Consumer Association: Li Jiaqis Live Room cant be changed after buying it. Li Jiaqis Fang sent a reply that customers had reflected the problem to the brand side and Li Jiaqis studio on November 6. Because the goods had been sold out and could not be replaced, the manufacturer gave a refund to the studio Has been actively coordinating with the brand side to do a good job in after-sales. If there are still any opinions on the current after-sales solutions, they will be responsible to the end.

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Wang Han, Li Jiaqi and Li Xueqin (source: ~)

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Live roll over with goods! Wang Han, Li Xueqin and Li Jiaqi named by China Consumer Association

Li Jiaqi

Wang Han

China News Network reported on November 21 that the double 11 in 2020, incarnated as nunchakus, has turned men and women into natives one after another, and information on consumer rights protection has poured in.

On November 20, the Chinese Consumer Association released an analysis report on public opinions on consumer rights protection during the period from October 20 to November 15. It was found that the negative consumption information during this years double 11 promotion activities mainly focused on live delivery and unreasonable rules. Wang Han, Li Xueqin and Li Jia were named as rollover and Li Jia Qi Live Room buy not to let change and so on.

Wang Han and Li Xueqin overturn in Star Live Broadcasting circle

According to the China Consumer Association, during the monitoring period, a total of 334083 pieces of negative information about live delivery with goods were collected. The slot points were mainly concentrated in two aspects, namely, star bringing goods suspected of fraud, low after-sales service satisfaction and poor experience.

On the one hand, the counterfeiting of influence indicators such as the number of viewers bragging and the water injection of sales data has formed an industrial chain. On the other hand, competition in the same industry, such as malicious bill swiping, fancy kicking and false reporting, also pollutes the live broadcasting ecology. The Chinese Consumer Association said, for example, Wang Han and Li Xueqin, for example, were suspected of dumping goods with live broadcast.

According to media reports, the screenshots of the circle of friends circulated on the Internet showed that in Wang Hans Shunde special live broadcast on November 6, 1323 sets were sold and 1012 sets were refunded on the same day after the merchants paid 100000 yuan for the broadcast. The refund rate was as high as 76.4%. And other businesses also have similar experience, leading to shops received false trading platform warning.

In response to Wang Hans suspected bill swiping behavior, the signing party of Wang Han, Galaxy stars, responded that this is false. At present, the platform is involved in the investigation, and the specific source of the attack has not been identified. On the 17th, Bai Tao, the informant, issued a statement saying that the rumor about Wang Hans carrying goods was false and untrue.

According to media reports, on the evening of November 11, the popular talk show actors Li Xueqin and Yang Tiantian participated in a live broadcast on a certain platform, and most of the interaction with her were fake robot fans. A staff member who participated in the whole live broadcast said that of the 3.11 million viewers at the end of the day, less than 110000 really existed. The number of other viewers was all spent money, and most of the comments of fans who interacted with Li Xueqin in the comment area were also printed by machines.

In addition, the Chinese Consumer Association said that although live delivery with goods is popular, a considerable number of businesses that only focus on gathering traffic and expanding sales actually do not have corresponding after-sales service system. Meanwhile, the customer service responsibilities between the anchor are not clear, and when they encounter the problem of after-sale, they kick the ball together, which leads consumers to make complaints about Tucao.

Some consumers have tweeted: whats the operation of Li Jiaqis live broadcasting room?? The first time the car overturned, it was just selling, regardless of after-sales? What do you mean if you dont want to buy it? Whats the robbery in the studio? Cost so much effort to rob, the result appears quality problem, let me return goods not let me change prevaricate me? How dare I shop in the studio?

The routine is complicated and the calculation is too deep. The people who collect wool are often cut leeks

According to the report, during the monitoring period, 915029 pieces of negative information about promotion rules were collected, and the relevant public opinions focused on three aspects: e-commerce selectively pushed coupons accurately; no full discount coupons could be used without the final payment; no refund could be made without paying the balance; the hard rules such as calculating full reduction, allowance and bonus should be calculated Package, merger and purchase are comparable to the playing methods of mathematics examination questions.

According to media reports, on October 16, when Ms. Han in Beijing used her mobile phone to shop on an e-commerce platform, she mistakenly used another mobile phone to check out. However, she found that the same product of the same business, which has been registered for 12 years and has been used frequently and consumed a total of nearly 260000 yuan, is more than the ordinary account which has been registered for more than five years, rarely used and consumed more than 2400 yuan The price is 25 yuan higher.

Another consumer tweeted, forget to pay the final payment, I dont know how much I lost. I may save my fruit next month.

Gao Jiesi has also become the object of netizens make complaints about the situation. Theres a discount on two pieces, but one piece is limited? What kind of confusions is this? Can the blatant false publicity of the double 11 still be ok

To this end, the Chinese Consumer Association said that this years double 11 public opinion data has been intensively released in three aspects: first, in various forms hidden in the gray zone of the network economy, big data killing, unfair and unreasonable pricing, refusal to trade and one of two options will be clearly defined by laws and regulations and effectively pursued.

The second is that either the old pattern of sales promotion dominated by flow thinking or the so-called new play method designed according to social algorithm will face deconstructive change and reshape the consumption ecology of the industry.

Third, new technologies and new formats represented by social algorithm and live broadcast with goods will accelerate the speed of self revolution and iterative updating in front of the consumption behavior choice of voting with feet.

China Consumer Association reminds that all kinds of subjects should take real measures to strictly control the quality of goods, abandon the preferential promotion routines that have seriously deviated from the spirit of openness and sharing of the Internet, and soberly grasp the good opportunities for the opening of a new era of consumption, consumption formats and ecological reconstruction. At the same time, consumers should gradually mature in the process of rich shopping experience and consumption experience.

Li Jiaqi responds to the recommendation of the new rules on live delivery with goods, and Li Xueqins response is named by the China Consumer Association: I cant cheat you. Li Jiaqi responds to no change after buying: will be responsible for the rollover with goods live broadcast! Wang Han, Li Xueqin, and Li Jiaqi are named by China Consumer Association. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019

Li Jiaqi responds to the new rules of live delivery