Face to face with Ding Zhen? Huang Zitao wants to contact Ding Zhen: I went to Sichuan to see you

 Face to face with Ding Zhen? Huang Zitao wants to contact Ding Zhen: I went to Sichuan to see you

Some netizens said: dream linkage, looking forward to the meeting of two handsome men. Some netizens are puzzled by Huang Zitaos behavior, true love rubs heat, ordinary persons heat, you also want to rub, let him go.

Ding Zhen most wants to go to Lhasa Sichuan Tourism Bureau: after all, it is a wrong payment

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Ding Zhen shoots a promotional film for his hometown (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 27th that a promotional film shot by Ding Zhen, a famous Tibetan Boy, for his hometown of Ganzi, Sichuan Province, was exposed. In the video, Ding Zhen introduced his hometown in the form of self-report, showing the most primitive and simple Tibetan life to the audience. The beautiful scenery and handsome boy make people yearn for it.

After watching the video, netizens even said, I really want to go to Tibet. It turns out that most netizens think that Ding Zhen is a Tibetan. They dont know that he is actually from Sichuan. Some netizens cant help joking: other people in Sichuan worked hard to make a propaganda film. As a result, you told me that you wanted to go to Tibet after watching it. This little oolong is really funny.

Today, Ding Zhen posted a photo of himself on his microblog, in which he held up a piece of red paper with the words home in Sichuan. Its more than 600 kilometers from Chengdu to our house. Sichuan is very big. In fact, Ding is in Sichuan.

Netizens have left messages saying: the child is too real and this time I absolutely remember that you are from Sichuan.

Later, some netizens commented that Sichuan had been angry for a night and called out that the official microblog of Sichuan culture and tourism quickly forwarded netizens comments.

However, Ding Zhens interview content flowed out. When asked where he wanted to go most, Ding Zhen replied: the place I want to go most is Lhasa. After seeing this, netizens joked: Sichuan is wrong after all, this wave of Tibet lies to win.

In fact, Ding Zhen recommended in Sichuan province that Ding Zhen wanted to go to Lhasa Sichuan Tourism Bureau: after all, it was wrong to pay Ding Zhen to shoot a promotional film for Sichuan. Netizens: always thought he was from Tibet. Ding Zhen was exposed to sign a contract with a state-owned enterprise to open a micro blog, and the price rose nearly 300000 on the same day. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019

In fact, Ding Zhen is in Sichuan