Say the wrong thing! Zhang Yishan says that its boring to have such a good performance. The studio is busy clarifying

 Say the wrong thing! Zhang Yishan says that its boring to have such a good performance. The studio is busy clarifying

Confused speech? Zhang Yishan once responded to the controversy over the bad films, saying that it was boring to be such a good actor (source: original)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 28, early in the morning of November 28, Zhang Yishan studio issued a statement to clarify the relevant content of Zhang Yishans response to the work is not good published by some online accounts on the evening of 27.

The statement pointed out that the relevant video was an interview in 2018. Zhang Yishan originally intended to make fun of reporters and enliven the atmosphere. He apologized for the ambiguity caused by the interview. In future interviews, Yishan will try to avoid words and metaphors that may cause misunderstanding among the public.

Recently, Zhang Yishan was criticized for his grandiose acting skills in the new version of Lu Ding Ji. A few days ago, an interview video of Zhang Yishan flowed out. In the video, Zhang Yishan said in commenting on his rotten films: please allow me to act badly. Im not good at acting. Its boring to be so good. He also said that he would not hurt himself even if he was evaluated as a bad film by others.

After this interview, many netizens thought it was Zhang Yishans recent response to Lu Ding Ji, so they accused Zhang Yishan of being not modest and too arrogant. Unexpectedly, it was an Oolong incident.

Zhang Yishan: regret for the audience

Netease Entertainment reported on November 27 that Zhang Yishan, now 28, suffered a wave of bad reviews for the first time after the broadcast of Lu Ding Ji, a child star.

Still photo of Lu Ding Ji

Most people first heard that Zhang Yishan was a funny and mischievous Liu Xing in family with children. Later, they renewed their understanding of him, namely, Shen Yizhen in seven me and Yu sin in Yu sin. At that time, he endowed the characters with multiple personalities, and performed the characters multi-faceted personalities. Either forbearance or madness or calmness, he endowed the characters with life and real feelings. Not long ago, Shen Fang once again became the focus of everyones attention. In the eyes of everyone, the expectation of Zhang Yishan should be the highest.

Zhang Yishan stars in the still photo of Yu sin with a score of 8.4

From the official publicity of new deer tripod, everyone began to look forward to Zhang Yishans version of Wei Xiaobao, or in other words, before the start of the TV series, everyone set up the appearance of Wei Xiaobao for Zhang Yishan. But when the play was broadcast, the original 80 episode directors version was finally presented in front of you in the form of 45 episodes. Before Trinket entered the palace, the crew filmed seven or eight episodes, but they were condensed and cut into the first half of the first episode.

Both the plot and Zhang Yishans performance are different from the audiences imagination, which inevitably makes people disappointed. In response, Zhang Yishan said in an interview: Im just sorry for the audience that I didnt see a relatively complete creation. I tried my best. I knew it in my heart. I feel a little sorry to have been supporting my audience and hawthorn people, which has made them carry a lot of burden

Publicity map of Lu Ding Ji by Zhang Yishan

As for the audiences criticism of his personal performance, Zhang Yishan said that he accepted it completely, and he also respected the audiences right to express their views: because our actors and actresses finish the play, we can show you what we feel, of course, we can freely express our views.

Faced with the challenge of remaking classics, it is natural to face controversy. To this end, Zhang Yishan replied: you always make people dislike, so this is not the standard for us actors to judge a work or whether I am going to take over a certain play or a certain role.

Zhang Yishan plays Shen Yizhen in seven me

On the way to becoming an actor, Zhang Yishan does not worry about gains and losses. Although he has long been classified as an acting school, he does not feel that this is a great pressure. He has never flaunted himself as an actor, nor does he feel that he has performed well. Instead, he knows himself well.

As for his acting skills, Zhang Yishan thinks that he is just a professional and professional actor, but he is not a good actor. There is a measurement standard in the heart of every audience, and the feedback standard presented by artistic creation to everyones heart is also different. I try my best to finish every play, but it depends on fate whether each piece can get good feedback and whether each character can make the audience like it.

Leaving aside the understanding of the past version of trinket and the definition of Zhang Yishans image in the past, in fact, he is presenting a different version of Trinket in a more fresh way, which is just hard for everyone to say.

Actor Zhang Yishan

Zhang Yishan: sorry for the audience, director of Lu Ding Ji supports Zhang Yishan: he is the best choice for Wei Xiaobao; Zhang Yishans version of Lu Ding Ji has been broadcast with mixed praise and criticism. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019