Huang Zitao: a group of people who are nothing

 Huang Zitao: a group of people who are nothing

Netease Entertainment reported on November 28th that Huang Zitao had to go to Sichuan to find Ding Zhen on November 28th. Many netizens questioned that Huang Zitao was rubbing against Ding Zhens enthusiasm. In this regard, Huang Zitao sent an angry netizen: a group of people who are nothing are forced to say this and that every day. I really like people and really want to meet people. Do you think the probability of my success is greater or that of you? Huang Zitao said that he would take his own programs to do environmental protection. He also said that some netizens put gold on their faces and said, which one do I lack in terms of heat flow, money, fame and wealth? Finally, he yelled: dont pay attention to me if you dont like it. Dont look at my dynamic, but you can see it if you dont want to see it. Im sorry, Im holding back.

However, netizens did not buy his comments, many netizens said: sick? Its not red, its like rubbing. Some netizens said that as a public figure, can you pay attention to your words and deeds? Some words are too vulgar.

Huang Zitao wants to go to Sichuan to find Ding Zhen, and he is recommended to meet Ding Zhen? Huang Zitao wants to contact Ding Zhen: do you have any feelings when I go to Sichuan to see you? Huang Zitao confessed that IU: This is not a pursuit of stars, but a kind of love. Why? Huang Zitao sent an article early in the morning to denounce the security guard of the movie and Television City: disgusting to this article source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019

Huang Zitao is going to Sichuan to find Ding Zhen