The scale of public funds exceeds 18 trillion, and 98 fund managers join the 10 billion camp

 The scale of public funds exceeds 18 trillion, and 98 fund managers join the 10 billion camp

From the data, the main sources of promoting the growth of public offering scale in October are monetary funds and hybrid funds. The size of the monetary fund was 7.29 trillion yuan at the end of September, and increased to 7.55 trillion yuan at the end of October, with an increase of 260 billion yuan. Monetary Fund is also the fund type with the largest growth in scale. The scale of hybrid funds was 3.6 trillion yuan at the end of September this year, and increased to 3.82 trillion yuan at the end of October, with an increase of 220 billion yuan.

The number of equity funds increased from 3040 at the end of September to 3067 at the end of October. According to the data, the issuance scale of hybrid funds in October was 122.833 billion yuan, a decrease compared with the previous three months. However, compared with the issuance scale in the first half of the year, it can be seen that the popularity of fund issuance has not subsided.

The scale of bond funds decreased slightly by 30.67 billion yuan. It is worth noting that the storm caused by credit bonds only started in November. Whether the scale of bond funds will change greatly, the data at the end of November deserves more attention.

In addition, as of the end of October, the scale of stock funds was 1.81 trillion yuan, and the scale of closed-end funds was 2.37 trillion yuan, both of which had a small increase. The scale of QDII funds reached 118.323 billion, which showed a slight decline.

Statistics also show that as of the end of July, there were 129 fund management companies in China (44 Sino foreign joint ventures and 85 domestic funded companies). 12 securities companies or asset management subsidiaries of securities companies and 2 insurance asset management companies have obtained the management qualification of public funds.

Matthew effect highlights

Behind the continuous growth of the scale of public funds, it is difficult to ignore the gold absorption ability of star fund managers and head public funds.

With the growth of equity funds, the number of fund managers with a management scale of 10 billion is also increasing. Based on the choice data, the reporter of CFA only keeps two types of partial stock mixed fund and stock fund, and then calculates and ranks the management scale of fund managers.

In addition, Guikai of Harvest Fund, Xiao Nan of e fund, Wang Zonghe of Penghua Fund, Liang Haohao of Penghua Fund and Lao jienan of huitianfu are in the top ten. Among these five fund managers, the management scale of Lau Jie mans partial stock mixed fund and stock fund is less than 40 billion.

The reporter also noted that among the 10 fund managers, in addition to Liu Yanchun, others have issued explosive funds this year. Especially Mao Wei and Wang Zonghe. According to the preliminary statistics made by the reporter of the Financial Association, Mao Wei is the fund manager with the largest issuing scale of the explosive fund, based on the fund with the initial amount of more than 10 billion yuan. On June 8 and July 28 of this year, the southern growth pioneer and the southern boom driven fund were successively issued. The final issuance scale of these two funds was 32.115 billion yuan and 11.498 billion yuan respectively, totaling 43.613 billion yuan.

Money is also gathering to head fund managers. In the data compiled by reporters, the top 50 fund managers management scale accounts for 42% of the total scale, while the number of fund managers managing partial stock mixed and stock funds exceeds 900.

The growth of fund managers management scale also promotes the surge of fund companys management scale.

According to the data of Tianxiang investment consulting, by the end of the third quarter, there were 19 fund managers with equity fund scale of more than 100 billion yuan, while at the end of the first quarter, the number of 100 billion club was only 1.1 billion. Among them, e Fund ranked first with 435.207 billion yuan, followed by huitianfu, Huaxia Fund and Guangfa fund, with the scale of more than 300 billion yuan. In addition, the scale of China Southern Fund and Wells Fargo fund also exceeded 200 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that the scale of equity funds of 100 billion club members, including e fund, huitianfu, Guangfa fund and Nanfang fund, grew rapidly in the third quarter. The third quarter of the fund issuance another peak coincided.

According to the data, the issuance scale of hybrid funds from July to September this year was 318.248 billion yuan, 153.078 billion yuan and 122.838 billion yuan respectively. Among them, the issuance scale in July has exceeded the highest one in 2015.

Source of this article: Guo Chenqi, editor in charge of CFA_ NBJ9931