Huang Liping of CFA: there are still many acts in the fund industry that violate the fiduciary duty

 Huang Liping of CFA: there are still many acts in the fund industry that violate the fiduciary duty

One is the lack of long-term funds. In Chinas public private funds, the main investors are still natural persons and general industrial and commercial enterprises. Restricted by the term structure and risk preference of investors, it is difficult for funds to realize long-term and strategic allocation.

Second, the governance system is not perfect. There are still many behaviors that violate fiduciary obligations and fund laws in the industry. It is a long way to go to cultivate trust culture and optimize industry governance.

Third, responsibility investment is underdeveloped. In the practice of fund investment, there are few indicators and methods reflecting the direction of civilization and progress such as environment and society, and the efforts to promote corporate governance are not effective enough.

Huang Liping said that the China Securities Investment Fund Association is holding a series of seminars to actively investigate and study different business types, guide and restrict industry institutions and employees to faithfully perform their fiduciary duties, do a good job in investor suitability management, interest conflict management, fair trade management, information disclosure management and risk control, and safeguard the best interests of investors.

At the same time, we should promote the system construction that is conducive to the formation of long-term capital and long-term investment culture. China is in the rising period of pension plateau and needs to continuously improve pension reserves; at the same time, it is also in the breakthrough period of innovation and development, which requires a large number of long-term capital that is willing to take risks.

Since 2014, Chinas private equity funds, especially equity venture capital funds, have developed unprecedentedly. Huang Liping disclosed a set of data. As of the end of the third quarter of this year, the registered management scale of equity venture capital funds has increased 11 times, reaching 10.96 trillion yuan, of which the management scale of venture capital funds has increased 13 times to 1.54 trillion yuan.

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