Li Haichao of CICC: actively and steadily promote the supply of new futures option products

 Li Haichao of CICC: actively and steadily promote the supply of new futures option products

Li Haichao also said that we should improve the basic system of the financial futures market, further optimize the rules and regulations system, optimize the contract rules, improve the trading mechanism, and enhance the inclusiveness, foresight and openness of the system.

At the same time, we should adhere to the system concept, give full play to the joint forces of the market, attract more medium and long-term funds into the market, promote commercial banks and insurance funds to participate in treasury bond futures trading more fully, and further optimize the participation of various medium and long-term funds in financial futures policies.

In addition, Li Haichao said that it is necessary to actively serve the construction of a new development pattern of double circulation, steadily promote the high-level opening of the financial futures market, adhere to the principle of coordination with the opening up of stock, bond and other spot markets, and broaden the channels for international investors to use financial futures.

This year is the full decade of Chinas financial futures market. Li Haichao said that in the past ten years, the financial futures market had a good trading order, strong risk control implementation, expanded scale, and close linkage between futures and cash, maintaining the development trend of taking the lead in stability and making progress in stability.

At present, CICC has listed two product lines of equity and interest rate, with a total of 7 Financial Futures and options, including three stock index futures products of CSI 300, SSE 50 and CSI 500, three treasury bond futures products of 2-year, 5-year and 10-year, and one stock index option product of Hushen 300.

From April 16, 2010 to the end of October 2020, the total turnover of financial futures market is 1.18 billion hands and 1117.2 trillion yuan.

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