Good brother! Wish from Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan on his 20th birthday

 Good brother! Wish from Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan on his 20th birthday

Netease Entertainment reported on November 28, November 28 is Yibu Qianxis 20-year-old birthday. As soon as 0:00 on the 28th, their good brothers Wang Yuan and Wang Junkai sent their best wishes to good brother and good teammate Yibu Qianxi on Weibo, and also publicized a new song for Qianxi.

Happy Birthday to my 20-year-old brother @ tfboys, and listen to new songs, Wang wrote on his microblog. With a Qianxi expression pack, it says: all the wishes written down are realized; Wang Yuan also tweeted: happy 20th birthday to Qianxi @ tfboys - Qianxi? Listen to new songs. And a handsome back photo of Qianxi.

Every year, the three children celebrate their birthday, and the other two will send their best wishes on time. Although in recent years, the quarrel between fans of the three has not affected their relationship. After all, they grew up together and their feelings are enviable.

Tfboys is a male singing group in mainland China. It is composed of Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan and Yimu Qianxi. On August 6, 2013, tfboys released the combined image propaganda film ten years, officially launched. In February 2016, he was on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival gala for the first time, performing the childrens program happy growth. In July 2017, the youth inspirational drama our youth era starred in Hunan Satellite TVs Golden Eagle studio was broadcast. In December, the first regular album our time was released. On January 11, 2020, he won the microblog ten year influence combination award of 2019 microblog night.

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Tfboys sings like young (source: Netease Entertainment)

Zhou Dongyu attended the Golden Rooster nomination in recognition of Huang Xiaoming, the headmaster of Chinese opera praised Yi closed Qianxis hard work: a very, very good student! At the age of 20, Qian Xi has officially become the Youth Ambassador of the film channel. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019