Is the birds nest water for sale? Brother Kwai: Im willing to pay 61 million.

 Is the birds nest water for sale? Brother Kwai: Im willing to pay 61 million.

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61 million in damages

Cross border shareholding of A-share listed companies

New rules for live broadcasting: the high limit order will be faced with in the list. On November 23, SARFT issued the notice of the State Administration of radio and television on strengthening the management of live broadcasting of online show and e-commerce, which clearly stipulates that no public opportunities for illegal and immoral artists, no reward for minor users and crackdown on data fraud are provided. Among them, the focus is on excessive reward behavior. 1. Reward with passion: the corresponding way to reward passion is to increase the cooling off period, which is similar to e-commerces seven day return without reason. When a host receives a gift, he has to wait a certain number of days to withdraw the gift. During this period, the reward can be withdrawn at any time. 2. High reward: the platform should limit the maximum reward amount per time, daily and monthly. When the users daily or monthly cumulative reward reaches half of the limit, the platform should have a consumption reminder. After confirmation by SMS verification, the next step of consumption can be carried out. When the daily or monthly quota of reward is reached, the reward function of relevant users should be suspended. 3. Real name system reward: it aims at the false reward behavior. The users who are not registered with the real name system can not reward, and the minor users cannot reward. Real name verification, face recognition and manual verification should be adopted to ensure the implementation of the real name system and ban the reward function of minor users. Source of this article: Official micro editor of E Company: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

New rules of live broadcasting: giving awards on the list will face the order of height restriction