Credit reference is a basket, everything in it? State Council: this matter should be standardized

 Credit reference is a basket, everything in it? State Council: this matter should be standardized

Strict credit information query access and procedures

In terms of information disclosure, the reporter of daily economic news found that, according to the China executive information disclosure network, as of November 26, there were 6217480 people who had been executed for breach of faith; as of November 25, 2020, the courts across the country had received more than 9 million new enforcement cases.

The meeting also pointed out that information security and privacy protection should be strengthened. We will strictly enforce the authority and procedures for the inquiry and use of credit information, seriously investigate and deal with the leakage, alteration, damage, theft of credit information or the use of credit information for personal gain, and severely crack down on illegal collection and trading of credit information.

According to the meeting, the relevant departments in all localities should pay close attention to clearing up the measures of identifying, recording, publicizing and punishing the dishonest behaviors that have been issued, and standardize those that do not meet the requirements in a timely manner.

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Standardizing the identification standard of the list of serious dishonest subjects

In recent years, credit system seems to be a master key, which is more and more introduced into the field of social governance and even the field of personal morality of citizens. We often hear that red light running and bus seat bullying should be included in credit investigation.

According to the law, Meng Weihe, the spokesman of the State Development Commission of China, insisted that the credit system should be appropriately improved in accordance with the law.

The meeting pointed out that punishment for breach of trust should be carried out in accordance with the law and regulations, so as to ensure that excessive punishment is equal. In order to take disciplinary measures to reduce the rights and interests or increase the obligations of the dishonest subject, it must be based on the facts of breaking faith, be based on the law and regulations, and be moderate in weight. It is not allowed to add or increase the punishment at will, and it is not allowed to force financial institutions, credit service institutions, industry associations and chambers of Commerce, news media and other institutions to punish dishonest subjects.

According to the current regulations, the scope of credit punishment is: first, forbidding some high consumption behaviors, including prohibiting taking plane and train soft sleeper; second, implementing other credit punishments, including limiting loans in financial institutions or handling credit cards; third, those who are subject to dishonesty who are natural persons shall not be legal representatives, directors, supervisors and senior managers of enterprises.

The meeting also determined measures to promote the development and quality improvement of the credit reference industry, and required to promote the cross domain and cross regional sharing of credit information related to finance, government affairs and public utilities according to law. We will accelerate the opening and orderly use of government related data. We will actively and steadily promote the access of individual credit reference agencies and increase the opening up of the credit reference industry. We should strengthen the credit rating system, perfect the credit rating system and punish fraud.