Xiaoguis 37 year old ghosts birthday

 Xiaoguis 37 year old ghosts birthday

Netease Entertainment reported on November 28, according to Taiwan media reports, the 37th birthday of Xiaogui Huang Hongsheng. His former rolling stone records colleagues, including agent Dino, younger martial brother Chen 099, and younger martial sister sun Shengxi, held a live broadcast to celebrate his birthday. Yang Chenglin, the kids friend, also posted an article on Weibo at 0:00 in the middle of the night and displayed a big photo of his friends of the gang of five, but Xiaogui was just a kid Happy Birthday! In the future, I wont post your birthday Po again. I choose to put it in my heart. Anyway, I always remember that day, you know!

Its time for the five of us to take a commemorative group photo. After talking for a long time, we didnt take any action. Never thought it would be presented in this way... Although on the day of the photo taking, everyone was talking and laughing, but we all know what the real taste of each others hearts is. Also dont forget to shout to the little ghost in the sky: its really important and meaningful for us to complete this task. If you give this gift to you, you will certainly like it. Cheng Lin Yangs sincere feelings towards her friends are moving.

Recalling Huang Hongsheng in Yang Chenglins concert: I believe he must have come

Recently, before performing in Taipei, she shared a flower basket from her signature Hongsheng on a social networking platform. The card said, Dear Cheng Lin, youve always been the best, Hong Sheng. It is Huang Hongshengs agent who takes the place of sending flowers to continue the friendship between Xiaogui and Cheng Lin Yang.

Cheng Lin recalled her friend on stage: I believe he must have come He told me at the end of August that he wanted to watch November 7, and said, can I have the cheek to ask you for three positions, because the agents girlfriend likes you very much. Then she sobbed and sang.

It is reported that Huang Hongsheng died suddenly on September 16. On September 19, Huang Hongshengs funeral hall opened for three days for relatives, friends and fans. After working for several days, Yang Chenglin, who had sent articles to express her sadness, rushed to the spirit hall from the activity site to mourn for Huang Hongsheng, the first love and best friend. Dressed in black and wearing a black mask, she showed a serious expression throughout the scene. She was deeply trapped in the grief of losing her best friend and couldnt get out.

After leaving the hall, Cheng Lin Yang and her fans reported peace. She admitted that she was calm and did not need any help at the scene. She said that the staff only protected her because they were afraid that she would be pushed by media reporters.

As Huang Hongshengs first girlfriend, Cheng Lin Yang, since Xiaoguis death, has often posted photos and films of the two on social platforms. On September 19, she apologized to her fans and admitted that it was a way to miss Xiaogui and didnt want people to forget him. She said frankly: if someone thinks that I have been posting content about Hong Sheng, which makes you very disgusted, please dont watch it Because this action may last for a period of time. This is the way I miss him and I dont want everyone to forget him. I hope you can understand.

On September 21, Yang Chenglin said goodbye to her friend Huang Hongsheng on the social platform: we are still waiting for you to dream. Anyone can bring us some words. We will wait. It is hard to give up.

She also said that she understood that the media had been focusing on the fact that she and Xiaogui had been in love for the first time, but only she and Xiaogui knew that what really let us go through this 21 years is a very significant friendship.

What about Li Ronghao? Cheng Lin Yang has a close relationship with her male friend about a date to see a movie. Memories of her concert Huang Hongsheng: I believe he must have come to take pictures of her friend to celebrate her birthday. She is suspected of insomnia due to the death of a ghost. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019