Chinese leaders sent congratulatory message to Biden, attracting foreign media attention

 Chinese leaders sent congratulatory message to Biden, attracting foreign media attention

This is a more formal recognition of Bidens victory

According to Reuters reported on the 25th, Biden transition team officials said in response, we thank the world leaders, including China, for their congratulations.

According to the report, during the four-year term of current US President trump, Sino US relations have deteriorated to the worst level in decades. Biden has made climate change, nuclear non-proliferation and global health a priority on which he needs to work with China.

Last year, Jake Sullivan, Bidens national security adviser, said in a co-author article that the US must avoid a dangerous cycle of confrontation with China.

Antony Blinken, Bidens nominated Secretary of state, has said that any effort to decouple from China is unrealistic and counterproductive.

Brinkin (left) and Sullivan

According to the associated press, Biden is widely expected to try to resume cooperation with China on issues such as climate change and the new outbreak. But some analysts say there will be little significant change in U.S. policy.

The US business insider believes that although Chinas foreign ministry acknowledged the US election results two weeks ago, the congratulatory message on Wednesday was more formal recognition of Bidens victory. Dealing with the dispute between Washington and Beijing is likely to be Bidens foreign policy priority, and it will not be easy.

In addition to mentioning the current situation of Sino US relations and analyzing the message conveyed by the Chinese side through the congratulatory message, foreign media also speculated on the timing of the congratulatory message.

For example, Indias New Delhi television (NDTV) quoted Agence France Presse article on the 25th, saying that the congratulatory message of Chinese leaders was more than two weeks later than that of several other major countries, but China had low-key congratulation on Biden and Harris on November 13. The Chinese medias previous reaction to the US medias official declaration election results on the 7th local time was not very clear.

The so-called low key Congratulations in the AFP article was actually a dialogue at a regular press conference held by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on the 13th.

At that time, there was a media question: we have noticed that recently, more leaders of countries and heads of international organizations have congratulated Biden on his victory, including the United Nations Secretary General publicly congratulating Biden through his spokesperson. What is Chinas comment on this?

In response, a foreign ministry spokesman said that we have been following the reactions of the US domestic and international community to the US presidential election. We respect the choice of the American people. We congratulate Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris. At the same time, we understand that the outcome of the US general election will be determined in accordance with the laws and procedures of the United States.

But the associated press also hyped on the 25th that China became one of the last major countries to congratulate Biden two weeks ago. There was no explanation for the delay, while some commentators said China wanted to avoid tensions with trump, who has two months left in his term.

However, what is not mentioned in the article is that the controversy over the US election continues, and the whole world is eating melons; whats more, it fails to fully understand the Chinese spokesmans sentence that we understand that the outcome of the US election will be determined in accordance with the laws and procedures of the United States.

Reuters also played up that in 2016, China sent a congratulatory message the day after the US election.

The independent believes that China has been waiting for a definite signal from Washington, hoping to have a smooth start with Biden while appeasing trump.

British Guardian also speculated that shortly after the US media officially declared Bidens victory on the 7th, leaders of Germany, Britain and other countries congratulated him, but China seemed to wait until the US General Administration informed Biden to start the handover and trump ordered his team to cooperate.

On November 8, British Prime Minister Johnson congratulated Biden on Twitter and looked forward to strengthening cooperation in many aspects between Britain and the United States

Modi also put photos of his meeting with Biden

Even if there will be no major changes in the short term (Sino US Relations), in the long run, Sino US relations will be more stable and there will be more room for cooperation, Jia said

The past events mentioned by the Wall Street Journal show that Chinas postponement is not surprising: the last time Chinese leaders did not congratulate the winner on the second day of the US election was in 2000. The dispute between then US Vice President Al Gore and Republican candidate George W. Bush lasted for weeks. On December 13, 2000, the day after Gore admitted losing the election, China congratulated George W. Bush.

The financial times pointed out in the article that after the congratulatory telegram from Chinese leaders, a few world leaders, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, Brazilian president borsonaro and Mexican President ovrador, have not yet congratulated Biden.

A Kremlin spokesman told reporters on Tuesday that Trumps announcement of a formal transition on Monday was not enough for Putin to congratulate Biden. The recount and censorship in some states is still going on, and it will not be possible to officially announce the election results until these are over.

The post era of the U.S. 2020 election has indeed witnessed a magic scene: the US General Services Administration has informed Biden team on the 23rd that it is ready to start the formal transition process. On the same day, trump tweeted that he would continue to push the lawsuit, believing that he would win, while advising the director, Emily Murphy, to do what needs to be done, and said that he has told his team to do the same thing..