Attention, this kind of platform has very high risk! Several securities regulatory bureaus issued warnings

 Attention, this kind of platform has very high risk! Several securities regulatory bureaus issued warnings

Risk of fund allocation platform prompted by Xinjiang Securities Regulatory Bureau

With the warming of the A-share market, the capital market continues to be active, and the periodic market continues to appear, illegal recommendation of shares, over-the-counter capital allocation and other illegal activities also emerge in an endless stream. This not only seriously disrupts the order of the securities market, but also damages the interests of investors. In this context, the securities regulatory bureaus of many places, together with the relevant departments, have been constantly cracking swords on illegal acts.

On November 26, Xinjiang Securities Regulatory Bureau issued a risk warning on the off-site capital allocation platform. Xinjiang Securities Regulatory Bureau solemnly reminds the majority of investors that the over-the-counter capital allocation activities in the securities and futures markets are illegal financial activities with high risks.

In addition, Xinjiang securities regulatory bureau also announced the platform Zhongtian online and its website, which does not have the qualification of securities and futures businessuff08 uff09To remind investors.

Chinese reporters of securities companies found that the Zhongtian online released by Xinjiang securities regulatory bureau can be regarded as a typical illegal stock recommendation platform. After clicking to enter, a teacher of the platform is enthusiastically introducing the way of investment, and the trend of individual stocks and buying opportunities.

Xinjiang securities regulatory bureau pointed out that the majority of investors should improve their awareness of risk prevention, stay away from off-site capital allocation, and avoid property losses. If you need financing, please go to a qualified securities and futures company to handle relevant business. If you are cheated by participating in the off-site capital allocation, please report to the local public security organ in time.

Margin trading is the exclusive business of securities companies. When people with ulterior motives try to work without a license, off-site capital allocation also emerges as the times require. This not only disturbs the normal financial order, but also brings unbearable losses to investors.

According to the new securities law, securities margin trading belongs to the exclusive business of securities companies. Without the approval of the CSRC, no unit or individual is allowed to operate. In essence, the over-the-counter capital allocation activities belong to the securities margin trading business that only the securities companies can carry out according to law. If the relevant institutions or individuals engage in the off-site capital allocation activities without obtaining the corresponding securities business operation qualifications, they will constitute illegal securities business activities, and they will be investigated for legal liabilities according to law.

It should be pointed out that the distribution agencies and software companies without corresponding business qualifications engage in over-the-counter capital allocation and related activities in the mode of system sub warehouse, lending account and point purchase capital allocation, which constitute illegal securities business, and organizing virtual capital allocation for the purpose of illegal possession constitutes the crime of fraud.

The compliance director of a large listed securities company in Beijing pointed out to the Chinese reporters of securities companies that capital allocation institutions often do not have the qualification to operate securities and futures business, which not only violates the current securities laws and regulations, but also seriously damages the legitimate interests of investors.

And when the market is hot, there are still criminals ready to move. During the Spring Festival market period in February this year, the situation of off-site capital allocation increased significantly. At that time, a spokesman for the SFC said that he had noticed the recent increase in reports on over-the-counter capital allocation. The SFC will pay close attention to this and guide the relevant parties to strengthen the supervision of the whole process of transactions in accordance with the law. All securities companies should strictly implement the management of brokerage business and margin trading customers appropriateness, strengthen the monitoring of abnormal transactions, and earnestly do a good job in the security protection of technical systems.

Since then, China Securities Regulatory Commission and local securities regulatory bureaus have launched a vigorous special rectification action. In July this year, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) exposed 258 illegal over-the-counter capital allocation platforms, involving Beijing, Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing and other regions, and several cases of illegal off-site capital allocation entered the judicial process.

In September this year, the CSRC announced that it would deploy its agencies to launch a three-month special rectification action to crack down on the relevant black industry chain, focusing on cracking down on such illegal activities as black mouth of the stock market, illegal recommendation of stocks, off-site capital allocation, black groups and black app.

For example, on November 3, Qingdao securities regulatory bureau announced the specific plan of special rectification activities. Qingdao securities regulatory bureau said that it launched securities and futures business institutions under its jurisdiction to trace out illegal clues and classify suspected capital allocation platforms and illegal stock recommendation accounts. We will strengthen cooperation with the public security, communications and telecommunications departments, intensify the crackdown on the above-mentioned violations, and resolutely crack down on the relevant black industrial chain.

On October 29, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau also announced the contents and key channels of special rectification actions. The Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau said it would crack down on illegal activities in three ways:

First, actively organize and coordinate various forces, mobilize the resources of securities and futures industry associations and securities and futures business institutions in the jurisdiction, smooth all kinds of complaint reporting channels, make full use of the information technology means such as the network public opinion monitoring system, and take various measures to extensively collect and trace the illegal activity clues that this special action focuses on.

Second, to conduct in-depth cooperation with Shenzhen public security departments and exchange intelligence clues with each other. In addition, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau will, together with the office of online information technology, the local financial supervision bureau, and the market supervision and Administration Bureau and other relevant departments, conduct centralized investigation and punishment on the illegal and disorderly phenomena found in touch and platoon, and resolutely crack down on the relevant black industrial chain and punish them severely.

The third is to carry out all-round, multi angle and wide coverage of investor education activities on how to prevent relevant illegal activities, and guide relevant industry associations, listed companies, securities fund and futures business institutions, investment and education bases to carry out risk publicity on cracking down on pig killing through multiple channels.