Dont let the audience sleep? The new years Party of Hunan TV station will be held until 8 oclock the next day

 Dont let the audience sleep? The new years Party of Hunan TV station will be held until 8 oclock the next day

This year, the new year of mango TV station will reach 8 oclock the next day

In addition, in 2020, Hunan Satellite TV has created a phenomenal variety show sister riding the wind and waves and brother full of vigor. Once the program is launched, it will arouse a thousand waves in the territory of public opinion. Hunan Satellite TV will inevitably include the singers and actors of these two comprehensive Arts in the lineup of this years new years concert. Judging from the investment promotion information, the lineup to be invited this year also includes Wang Feng, tfboys, rise, The9, Da Zhang Wei, pan Weibo, Wang Yibo, Wang Jiaer and many other big names, which still continue the style of top-notch pillars of mango stage.

Sister riding the wind and waves and brother full of vigor

This years concert will be held in Haikou again, with star hosting team + top flow artists, and a carnival feast will be held. Do you remember the grand performance in Haikou last year?

Fans who originally wanted to do a big job in the new years Eve party were overwhelmed by the field control mode adopted by Hunan Satellite TV: when each star appeared, there were different letters in the audience area, which was very shocking. If any star fan group raised a light card to help, it would not only be projected on the large screen for criticism, but also be cancelled, which would not only be a disgrace, but also implicate Aidou So the fans are very conscientious today, hiding the light card. I dont know if this is still the case this year?

Battle of field control and light board

To our surprise, Yang Mi, together with Mr. Tengger and Chen Yi, sang wolf disco. Tenggers opening song good hi Yo instantly enlivened the atmosphere, and Yang Mis soft and waxy voice came out, just like a marshmallow blooming on the stage, like a honey like feeling.

Yang Mis partner Tengger

Yang Zis appearance is also very shocking. The melodious melody of a possible night, with the glittering white gauze skirt, is just like the picture in a dream, which is very beautiful.

Possible night by Yang Zi

With such a beautiful picture, a lot of the audience were flattered by Yang Zi. Unfortunately, Yang Zi returned to the stage after singing and interacted with the host. However, due to the program groups mistake, she didnt turn on the microphone for Yang Zi. As a result, Yang Zi had no voice. Because it was live, the audience saw it, and many hostages suspected Yang Zis lip synching.

Netizens question Yang Zis lip synching

In addition, all kinds of rollover scenes are also encouraging. It is better to review Joker Xues and Cai Xukuns divine expression:

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The performance of the new years concert and the performance of Joker Xue Tsai Xu Kun (source: ~)

In fact, the most important thing of the new years concert is to bring happiness to everyone, wash away the fatigue of the old year and welcome a better year. The participation of stars from all walks of life will undoubtedly add a lot of glamour to the stage. As long as you are happy to listen to it, the significance of the new years concert will be achieved. Therefore, can you stand the performance, which will span from 0:00 on the night of 2020 to 8:00 the next day?

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Jiang caiwen_ NBJS12656