The military industry plate made efforts to rise, Xinyu Guoke and other big rises focused on the two main investment lines

 The military industry plate made efforts to rise, Xinyu Guoke and other big rises focused on the two main investment lines

From two main lines of investment: speeding up the pace of core equipment and equipment, upgrading informatization and key materials and components, focusing on the subdivision of aviation, flight weapons, national defense informatization and new military materials, and selecting target investment opportunities with rapid demand and long-term performance support.

(1) The air force has entered the 20th century, and the aviation industry chain has maintained a high prosperity. With the successive service of four generations of equipment, such as j-20, yun-20 and zhi-20, Chinas air force has officially entered the 20 era. The mass production delivery of 20 series aircraft will promote the prosperity of aviation industry chain, thus promoting the continuous growth of relevant listed companies. Attention: AVIC aircraft, AVIC optoelectronics, etc.

(2) During the large-scale period of flight weapon models, the demand for strategic reserves increased. In the 14th five year plan, investment in the field of flight weapons has been greatly skewed. At present, new models are in the iterative period. The current strategic situation is tense and the demand for strategic reserves is increasing. Plate demand is expected to burst, and the performance of relevant listed companies is expected to be expected, focusing on: Hongdu Aviation, Philips, aerospace appliances, Western materials, etc.

(3) The new type of weapons and equipment has been upgraded in mass production, and we are optimistic about the leader in the subdivided industry of new dual-use materials. On the one hand, the growth of equipment demand leads to the direct increase of upstream material demand; on the other hand, the application of new materials in new equipment has increased greatly compared with that before (such as composite materials), and the demand for new materials is higher than that of the overall demand for equipment. In addition, the application of new military materials is expanding to civilian use, and in the long run, it is facing a broader civil market. Attention: investment opportunities in carbon fiber composite, quartz fiber, titanium alloy and other fields. Focus on investment targets: platinum, Western superconductor, Guangwei composite, Zhongjian science and technology, AVIC high tech, etc.

(4) Chinas national defense informatization process is accelerating, and the space for national defense autonomy and control is broad. National defense informatization is the focus of our armys modernization construction at this stage, and the process of national defense informatization has been accelerated after the military reform. There is a vast space for the upgrading and batch production of weapons and equipment of various services and arms in China. We are optimistic about the subdivision fields such as satellites, integrated circuits, communications, radar capacitors, etc. Attention: 712, horotel, torch electronics, Hongyuan electronics, Yaguang technology, Taihao technology, etc.