China breaks foreign monopoly and officially enters the ranks of advanced nuclear power technology countries

 China breaks foreign monopoly and officially enters the ranks of advanced nuclear power technology countries

As the national card for Chinas nuclear power to the world, Hualong No.1 is one of the three generation nuclear motor models with the highest acceptance in the current nuclear power market, and is a significant landmark achievement of Chinas nuclear power innovation and development. At present, there are 6 Hualong No.1 nuclear power units under construction at home and abroad of CNNC, and the safety and quality of construction projects are under good control.

From the start of construction on May 7, 2015 to the grid connected power generation on November 27, 2020, the nodes of hualong-1 global first reactor project have been steadily promoted, and the safety and quality are controllable. In more than 2000 days and nights, nearly 10000 nuclear industrial people have strived hard to explore the development of independent third generation nuclear power, and have embarked on a successful road of localized nuclear power development - forming a complete and independent model standard system. All core parts and components have been produced in China, and the localization rate has reached more than 85%. They are fully capable of mass construction. Meanwhile, CNNC, together with 58 state-owned enterprises, more than 140 private enterprises, and more than 5000 enterprises in the upstream and downstream industrial chain, jointly broke through the localization of 411 core equipment, formed more than 700 patents, more than 120 software copyrights, and 1 international nuclear power standard, covering the whole life cycle of nuclear power plant, including the early stage, design, equipment, construction and commissioning of nuclear power plant, and strongly supported the Hualong No.1 batch Quantitative construction and going out.

The grid connected power generation of Hualong No.1 Fuqing nuclear power unit 5, the worlds first reactor, will greatly enhance the competitiveness of Chinas nuclear power industry. At the same time, it is of great significance to optimize the energy structure, promote green and low-carbon development, and help build a new domestic and international dual cycle development pattern. After the unit is connected to the grid, various tests of each power platform and full power demonstration operation assessment will be carried out.

Source: CNNC