The subject matter of cutting back and cutting stock limit is exploding! Is the domestic breeding outlet coming?

 The subject matter of cutting back and cutting stock limit is exploding! Is the domestic breeding outlet coming?

On Thanksgiving night, trump answered a reporters question for the first time since the general election, it will be a very difficult thing (to admit losing the election). At present, trump is still waiting for a tiny turning point. As for the electoral colleges final confirmation of Bidens victory, trump replied, if they (the Electoral College) do that, they will make a mistake. But when asked if he would leave the White House under that outcome, trump said, of course I will. Even if trump had left the White House, he would not even have to clarify the rumor that trump had left the White House.

However, in the question and answer, trump repeatedly said that he won the election with great advantage. At present, Biden has obtained 306 electoral votes, while trump has only 232. Trump has little hope of turning the table. This statement is also interpreted as Trumps formal admission of defeat.

Recently, SAIC and Pudong New Area government signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai center. The new apartment layout automotive science and technology company Chi Chi Auto first settled in Pudong New Area Zhangjiang intelligent park. According to reports, Zhiji Auto is jointly built by SAIC Group, Pudong New Area and Alibaba group. It is reported that SAIC shares account for 54%, Pudong investment accounts for 18%, Ali accounts for 18%, and others account for 10%. The initial round financing reaches 10 billion yuan, making Zhiji automobile the first automobile science and technology innovation company in China with a founding wheel of 10 billion yuan.

Benefiting from this, SAIC Groups stock price rose for a time in the morning, closing at 26.8 yuan / share, up 7.41%, and the net inflow of main capital was as high as 335 million yuan. It is understood that Zhiji automobile is the high-end intelligent electric vehicle project of SAIC Group (internal code L).

As the No. 1 project of SAIC Group, Zhiji automobile bears the heavy responsibility of mechanism reform and innovation and brand breakthrough of Chinas largest automobile group. SAICs more than 60 years of car manufacturing experience, technology accumulation, parts system, global layout, capital reserves, and cooperation resources have built the foundation for Zhiji automobile. Market analysis, as one of the three parties to provide car manufacturing capacity, has a greater role in promoting the expansion of SAIC Group in the short and medium term. In the long run, it may be a new platform for SAIC Group to build smart cars.

At the same time, Pudong New Area will take advantage of Zhangjiang hi tech parks world-class high-tech industrial cluster ecology and core technology resources such as AI and chips; Alibaba, a global Internet giant, will jointly empower Zhiji automobile with the collaborative advantages of users big data, the latest technology of Damo Institute, and Alibaba cloud.

Inspection of imported frozen food strengthened, breeding stocks broke out

In the early trading, the hottest sector was aquaculture. Under the leadership of Guolian aquatic products, reclaimed water fisheries and Zhangzi Island, it strongly occupied the first place in the early trading concept growth list, and was significantly ahead of military industry and park development.

The latest data show that the positive rate of nucleic acid in imported cold chain food is 0.4% in ten thousand, which is mainly concentrated in food packaging. However, experts from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said there was no infection caused by direct consumption of these cold chain foods.

Although there were no cases of infection caused by imported frozen food, the cases of imported cold chain food porters infected with new coronavirus occurred in Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, etc., indicating that there is still a certain risk for the contacts. In order to ensure domestic food safety and prevent the spread of the epidemic, China has implemented strict measures to detect, disinfect or prohibit the import of frozen food.

Imported food has a downward trend, and domestic products are expected to benefit directly, especially near the Spring Festival, which is the peak period of food consumption such as meat, which has a very strong boosting effect on the annual performance growth of breeding companies. The biggest beneficiary is the aquatic stocks. The proportion of aquatic products imported in food is very high. In addition, the largest proportion of detected viruses is imported aquatic products.

Guolian aquaculture is the first prawn and tilapia dual BAP four-star certification enterprise in China. It is the national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, the largest aquatic product listed enterprise in China, and the largest shrimp processing and marketing enterprise in China. In addition, the company has been recognized by major platforms in the field of fresh food, and the e-commerce business has grown rapidly.

From the performance point of view, the aquaculture industry has been seriously divided, including muyuan shares, LUONIUSHAN and other stocks with double growth, and there are also stocks with the performance of Guolian aquatic products and Huaying agriculture falling sharply.

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368