Uncover the chaos of aviation industry training: 100000 yuan to be a stewardess and 200000 yuan to be a pilot?

 Uncover the chaos of aviation industry training: 100000 yuan to be a stewardess and 200000 yuan to be a pilot?

Pay 200000 yuan to become a pilot? The person who signed the contract lost contact

An aviation training institution in Beijing, located in Shunyi, Beijing, declared, if you are qualified in the training interview, you will be promised that every trainee will be employed. If you do not, you will not be charged any fees! The opportunity to realize the dream of flight attendants and less is in front of us, and we must not miss it.

Some students were promised to pay 100000 yuan as flight attendants and 200000 yuan as pilots. The heart of the week on the Internet to see the organizations information on the recruitment of pilots and then contact with it. The agency asked me to go for an interview, and said that it had cooperation with the airline company and could provide jobs. After paying, I would arrange training in the later stage of how to deal with the interview, so the probability of being employed was higher. Zhou said.

Because the training institution claims that it has relations and can guarantee employment, if the labor contract can not be signed, all funds will be returned. Zhou signed the training and employment recommendation contract on October 8, 2018 and January 7, 2019, respectively. Both parties agree that the defendant will be responsible for Zhous employment in the aviation pilot post after the interview and training of Zhou. According to the requirements of the legal representative of the organization, Zhou will be responsible for Zhous employment in the aviation pilot position On October 9, 2008 and January 8, 2019, song paid training fees of 50000 yuan and 150000 yuan to the personal account agreed in the contract.

After paying 50000 yuan at that time, considering that there was no legal guarantee for non renewal, a second contract was signed, but none of them had participated in any training. Zhou said that the second contract expired on October 7, 2019, and only participated in an interview. Although he passed the interview, he did not sign the contract in the end. This interview only informs the recruitment information, and the training institution did nothing. The person in charge of the organization said that he could not get in touch with him any more.

Want to be a security officer? Only 65, 000 to help with the diploma

Zhang said that after the contract was signed, it paid 65000 yuan to the training institutions, including 50000 yuan in advance of the contract, and the remaining 15000 yuan was the expenses promised by the training institutions to handle the education on their behalf.

After the contract expired in May 2019, Zhang talked with the training institutions about refund. At that time, the training institutions said that they would wait until the end of the month. After half a month, the training institutions could not get a refund of 10000 yuan. Since the termination of the contract, I have come to Beijing from Shandong Province three times for refund, but I have not found the legal representative of the training institution, nor have I received a refund, Zhang said

The promised work has not been arranged, and the training fee has not been returned for a long time. Zhou and Zhang both sued the training institution to Beijing Shunyi court. Finally, the court ordered an aviation training institution in Beijing to refund Zhous training fee of 200000 yuan, Zhangs training fee of 40000 yuan and certification fee of 15000 yuan.

Four ways of aviation industry

Sign a contract to ensure employment and realize the flying dream with low threshold. In fact, many online training institutions are cheating, some even have no qualifications.

Qiqige, a judge of houshayu court of Shunyi court, said that in recent years, such cases are indeed quite common. In fact, aviation safety can not be ignored, and the quality requirements of employees are also very high. Airlines must meet certain conditions to recruit flight attendants, pilots and safety officers. Do not believe that training institutions can low threshold recommend jobs or ensure employment. If training companies say that they have internal quota and can operate internally, such publicity is often a trap. According to the cases tried in recent years, Qiqige has also revealed several common routines behind the field of aviation training.

Routine 1: false publicity

Routine 2: the contract is not standardized

Some training contracts provided by some education and training institutions have format problems, and the important details of training and employment recommendation are blurred. Some institutions only charge fees and do not sign contracts with students.

Routine 3: lack of qualification

Some training institutions obtain various kinds of certificates for some trainees through improper channels, so as to charge high fees. However, the qualification of some institutions is authorized by the illegal enterprises passing off the relevant aviation departments, so it is difficult for the trainees to protect their rights when there are problems such as running away with money, students personal and property safety being infringed.

Routine 4: not worthy of the name

Such institutions do not really provide education and training, but in the guise of training, in order to collect high fees. During the training period, some organizations only provide interview information of some airlines for trainees, which is regarded as fulfilling the contract. However, the trainees often have no follow-up results after attending the interview. After the end of the training period, some institutions induce students to renew their contracts or simply run away, which makes it difficult for them to protect their rights.

Check your body before registering for pilot training

In this regard, the judge pointed out that the reason why it is difficult to protect the rights and interests is that most students fail to fulfill the obligation to review the terms of the contract when signing contracts with training institutions. At the same time, we do not pay attention to the retention of contract signing, training situation and the commitment of training institutions and other evidence materials. After the occurrence of disputes and lawsuits, it is difficult to provide evidence, and the standard terms in the contract make it more difficult to refund fees and investigate the responsibility for breach of contract.

On the other hand, in most cases, the defendant could not be contacted, and the court could not actually serve documents on the training institutions. The trainees are unable to provide effective information about the training institution, or the contact person provided has left the job, or refused to answer the phone, and the whereabouts are unknown. Finally, it is difficult to implement the refund.

Qiqige suggests that, as job seekers, if they want to enter the industry, they should pay attention to the recruitment information of airlines through regular channels, participate in the recruitment of airlines, make relevant preparations in advance, and obtain employment opportunities; they must polish their eyes when participating in the industry training. It is recommended that you go to the industry management department or the official website of China Air Transport Association to inquire which institutions are relevant Training qualifications and certification qualifications, should receive formal training in formal institutions.

She stressed that we should strengthen the awareness of self-protection, not blindly listen to advertising, try to find formal training institutions, and pay attention to the examination of the qualifications of training institutions, such as business license, school license, teacher qualification, and relevant authorization procedures. If you sign up, you must sign a written contract, read the terms of the contract carefully, and strictly review the refund conditions agreed in the contract to see if they are consistent with the enrollment promotion and oral commitment, so as to avoid the situation that the oral commitment is not implemented in writing. At the same time, remember to ask for and keep the contract, receipt and other signing materials.

In addition, if it is found that the education and training institution has not actually carried out the training, it should be vigilant at this time. If the training institution is really lazy in performing the contract or even running away, it can lodge a complaint with the competent department of the education and training institution, such as the Aviation Industry Association and the industrial and commercial administration department. When necessary, bring a lawsuit to the peoples court. At the same time, attention should be paid to the preservation of evidence, such as training contract and relevant attachments, payment voucher, wechat chat records, etc., in which the original carrier must be retained for audio and video recording, so as to better protect their legitimate rights and interests.

By Song Xia, our reporter

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