You want to quit entertainment? The temptation to go home

 You want to quit entertainment? The temptation to go home

Zheng Yitong, who appeared in his first TV series surrender to naive girls in 2005, officially entered the performing arts circle. In 2010, he starred in the urban emotional ethics drama the temptation to go home. Later, he appeared in the ancient costume myth drama living Buddha Ji Gong. In 2015, she starred in the Anti Japanese war drama the loyal are invincible. In 2016, he played Liu Dan Dan in the modern medical drama emergency doctor. In 2017, she starred in the urban emotional drama little cotton padded jacket.

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Leaving the elite? Li Caihua bought discount food after divorce

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Flash marriage, flash away! Li Caihuas divorce resulted from the separation of two places without a third party (source: original)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 20 that on November 19, Hong Kong media revealed that Li Caihua appeared in shopping malls after her divorce. This is the first time she has been photographed since she admitted to divorce Eric, a wealthy mainland businessman, on November 12.

On the same day, Li Caihua came to the mall with her assistant. She was wearing a denim jacket and a printed T-shirt, her hair was high and tied up, and her dress was fashionable and simple. Li Caihua swept away a large bag of luxury goods, and then went shopping in the supermarket. All the way, she talked and laughed with her assistant. She also bought a box of sushi with a 20% discount, a lettuce, and two boxes of instant noodles with a discount of 48 yuan.

After shopping in the supermarket for about 45 minutes, Li Caihua bought all the food. All the food added up to 200 yuan, which was quite frugal. When she left, Li Caihua took the initiative to take the big bag of famous brands, while the female assistant was responsible for taking the food from the supermarket. After that, they took the elevator to the parking lot and drove home.

Li Caihua plays the third party Ellie in the temptation to go home and is known by the vast inland audience for her excellent acting skills. The temptation to go home is a TV play made in mainland China, adapted from the classic Korean drama, the temptation of wives. It was first broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV. It began shooting in June 2010, and was killed in Shanghai on September 25. Starred by Korean actress Choo Ja Hyun, Hongkong Red Star Rain Lee, mainland China Xiao Sheng Ling Xiaosu and Shuai Chi.

It is reported that Li Caihua and her husband got a license to get married on February 2 last year. On February 14 of the same year, 35 year old Li Caihua announced the wedding news. She left a message: rain + Eric = Mr & Mrs Huang, and showed their q-version dolls. After marriage, in addition to enjoying the world of two, they have also traveled to Santorini, the most romantic place in Italy and Greece, and threatened to give birth this year. Although they need to be separated from each other from time to time because of their work relationship, Huang also gives gifts to his wife during the holidays. Last year, he gave his wife a $1.5 million worth of white hot pepper as a token of his love.

In September, Li Caihua and her husband went through divorce procedures, ending their marriage of one year and seven months. Li Caihua said that the two split up peacefully and did not involve a third party. The reason for the divorce was that their feelings changed due to long-term separation. After many months of negotiation, the manager thought that the best way to change their marriage situation was to negotiate with each other.

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