Wang Zuxian has a good temperament in recent photos and interacts with his fans, saying: go to bed early when you are old

 Wang Zuxian has a good temperament in recent photos and interacts with his fans, saying: go to bed early when you are old

In these photos, Wang can easily switch between a girl and a mature girl. White skin, black hair like waterfall, looks very good, it is difficult to hide the gentle temperament.

Recently, some fans summed up the recent photos of Wang Zuxian in the past year. Wang Zuxian, who hasnt appeared in public for a long time, has been showing his latest situation in the post bar. He will also interact with fans and leave a message: elder sister, go to bed first.

Wang Zuxian entered the performing arts circle in 1984 when he starred in the first film it will be very cold by the lake this year. In 1987, he played Nie Xiaoqian in the beautiful girl ghost, and was nominated for the best actress of the 7th golden statue awards. Later, he also appeared in the God of gamblers, the green snake, and the rising of the invincible. In 2005, he announced his withdrawal from the performing arts circle.

Wang Zuxian, together with Zhang Manyu, Zhong Chuhong and Guan Zhilin, are known as the four famous actresses in Hong Kong film industry in the 1990s. They are pure and sweet in appearance and cold and gorgeous in temperament. They are regarded as girls who are enchanting at a glance. Moreover, their performance in film and TV plays is also extremely amazing.

In 1989, Wang Zuxian and Qi Qin fell in love with each other for shooting the film green grass and green sky, and even planned to buy a house and get married. However, in 2003, Qi Qins ex-wife asked the other party to adopt a son, and the two broke up. The 15-year love affair finally failed. After that, Qi Qin married a lovely wife 24 years younger than himself, while Wang Zuxian never married.

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Whats the situation? Wang Zuxian and mysterious man shopping netizen: like Qi Qin

Netease Entertainment reported on September 10, a netizen posted a picture of Wang Zuxians shopping in Vancouver recently. On the same day, Wang Zuxian wore a dark blue long sleeve jacket with jeans and chatted with a man who was carrying a plastic bag. They should have just returned from shopping. During the conversation, the man stretched out his right hand in the air, while Wang Zuxian raised his long hair with a shawl. His hair was thick and enviable.

From this netizens description, we can feel that Wang Zuxian still keeps his beautiful face and is invincible in years. However, from his back, Wang Zuxian, 53, seems to be a little fat.

According to netizens, Wang Zuxian has been seen shopping with the man for many times. Some netizens pointed out that the figure of the man is similar to that of Qi Qin.

Lin Jianyues ex-wife Xie Lingling confirmed that Xinguan was hospitalized because Wang Zuxian was abandoned. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251