What about Li Ronghao? Cheng Lin Yang and her boyfriend have a close relationship to see a movie

 What about Li Ronghao? Cheng Lin Yang and her boyfriend have a close relationship to see a movie

Cheng Lin Yang revealed in her essay that she had dinner with Miss Jin today. She was so full of food that only the first three rows of movies she wanted to see were left behind. As a result, Cheng Lin Yang reluctantly said: take time to go to the cinema next week.

After the news was published on the Internet, it soon got the publics attention and comments. Some netizens think that it is not very good to meet her husband for hundreds of days and eat alone with male friends. However, some netizens argued that this was just a normal male friend, and there was nothing wrong with Li Ronghaos feelings. Besides, Cheng Lin Yang was in the entertainment circle, and such social activities were indispensable.

It is reported that the man who appeared in the same frame with her this time is a good friend who has known her for many years, and she has more than once publicly shown her group photo with this friend. Not long ago, she also released a group of photos of two people drinking together in the same frame. From the photos, we can see that the two people are very close. At that time, some netizens called out where is Li Ronghao?.

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228 days apart from the two places, Yang Chenglin and Li Ronghao sing ambiguous together

Netease Entertainment reported on November 9 that Cheng Lin Yangs like star tour has officially opened recently. During this period, friends such as Wu Qingfeng and Wang Xinling, who were in the circle, served as the performance guests to assist in the performance. The friends who failed to arrive also sent flower baskets for blessing.

There was a surprise in the third scene of the Taipei station. She shared with the audience: there are no guests in todays concert, only family members.

During the concert, Yang Chenglin and her husband Li Ronghao, who had not seen each other for nearly eight months, had a rare match. They sang Yang Chenglins representative work ambiguous, and the audience screamed constantly.

Cheng Lin Yang stood in the middle of the stage, while Li Ronghao sat at home with a guitar in his arms. Li Ronghao first accompanies Yang Chenglin, and then sings at the end of the song that ambiguity makes people feel wronged. When she stepped down from the stage, she looked affectionately at her husband Li Ronghao on the big screen. Li Ronghao also looked up as if she was looking at Cheng Lin Yang on the screen. The scene was very moving.

There were also many twists and turns in her concert before. During the concert on June 6, Yang Chenglin accidentally stepped on the ground, causing slight bruises.

Yang Chenglin concert trampled injured Li Ronghao not forget to praise his wife Yang Chenglin because no one on the pillow did not wash his hair for a week and Li Ronghao didnt see him for 200 days. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Mingyue_ NBJS12251