What kind of signals will be released to sweep goods mode?

 What kind of signals will be released to sweep goods mode?

In terms of operation strategy, Tianfeng Securities said: first, it is pro cyclical and traditional industry style, and the time may last until the first quarter report of next year is disclosed, that is, April. Second, during this period, there may also be a short-term style drift of science and technology growth. For example, the calendar effect in February shows that the probability of technology dominance is high; third, the medium and long-term direction is still growth, which is optimistic about production line equipment, military upstream, new energy vehicles, consumer electronics and other sectors.

Increase holdings in household appliances industry and reduce holdings in liquor making industry

In terms of net purchase amount, northbound capital increased its holdings in 44 industries, of which the home appliance industry took the lead with a net purchase amount of 949 million yuan, followed by the automobile industry with a net purchase of 869 million yuan.

Northward capital reduced its holdings in 17 industries, of which the liquor making industry had the largest net sales, with a net sales amount of 757 million yuan, followed by the insurance industry, with a net sales of 135 million yuan.

The net purchase of Wanhua chemical was 391 million yuan, and the net sales of Guizhou Maotai were 433 million yuan

Among them, Wanhua chemical (600309. SH), Midea Group (000333. SZ), BYD (002594. SZ), Ningde times (300750. SZ) and Gree Electric Appliance (000651. SZ) ranked first. Among them, Wanhua chemical was net bought by 391 million yuan, Midea Group was bought by 387 million yuan, BYD was bought by 360 million yuan, Ningde era was bought by 296 million yuan, Gree Electric was bought by 2 8.3 billion yuan.

Among them, Guizhou Maotai (600519. SH), Wuliangye (000858. SZ), China Taibao (601601. SH), Changan Automobile (000625. SZ) and Yili shares (600887. SH) ranked first. Among them, Guizhou Maotai was sold by 433 million yuan, Wuliangye was sold by 407 million yuan, China Taibao was sold by 228 million yuan, Changan Automobile was sold by 212 million yuan, and Yili shares was 190 million yuan.

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Investment statement only. Investors operate on this basis at their own risk.)