The real controller of Hangzhou hi tech lost contact and inquired about the situation of debt and equity pledge in Shenzhen Stock Exchange

 The real controller of Hangzhou hi tech lost contact and inquired about the situation of debt and equity pledge in Shenzhen Stock Exchange

On the evening of November 23, Hangzhou hi tech suddenly announced that LV Junkun, the actual controller, had lost contact. However, he said that LV Junkun did not hold any position in the company and that his loss of contact had no impact on the stability of production, operation and management of the company.

Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry on November 26, asking Hangzhou hi tech to explain the company and LV Junkuns relatives information on the reasons and whereabouts of LV Junkun, the specific measures taken to contact LV Junkun, and the personal debt situation of LV Junkun, including the amount of debt, whether it involves the companys liability, whether he has been sued, and whether there is any loan in the name of the company The situation of loan or external guarantee; the influence of LV Junkuns loss of contact and possible related debt problems on the companys finance, production and operation.

In addition, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange also inquired about LV Junkuns shareholding situation, and asked to explain the pledge situation of Hangzhou hi tech shares directly and indirectly controlled by LV Junkun, including the pledgee, the starting and ending time, the number of Pledged Shares, and the financing amount. If the position is closed, the specific impact on the stability of the companys control right, and the measures taken to maintain the stability of the companys control right Give.

According to the public information, Hangzhou hi tech business is divided into two business sectors: polymer materials for cables and cultural entertainment. LV Junkun succeeded Gao Changhong, the former actual controller, to become the actual controller of Hangzhou hi tech in September last year. He was the chairman of Hangzhou hi tech from November 4, 2019 to September 11, 2020. At present, he has not held any position in Hangzhou hi tech.

LV Junkun, born in 1982 and graduated from Hefei University of technology, is a post-80s entrepreneur with multiple identities. According to the official information of LV Junkun, his investment has involved real estate, medical and health, cultural tourism, Internet technology, education, sports and other fields. He is currently vice president of Education Foundation of Hefei University of technology, director of China Industrial Cooperation Association, President of Fujian climbing tree Association, and vice president of Xiamen Anxi chamber of Commerce, Vice president of Anxi Tea Association; executive director and general manager of Wanren Holding Group Co., Ltd., eternal Real Estate Co., Ltd., Wanren Technology Co., Ltd., Xiamen Wangke Information Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui wanrenxin Technology Co., Ltd.; vice chairman of Hangzhou Puqing cultural creativity Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Miya painting material technology Co., Ltd.

In the public information, LV Junkun mainly has two business labels: one is the operation and planning tea brand - Xinkang organic tea; the other is Wanren group. According to Baidus introduction, the group mainly has two business segments: red culture travel and big numbers.

Uncertainty of actual controller

On November 24, after the announcement of LV Junkuns loss of contact, Hangzhou Hi Tech Co., Ltd. issued a notice on the risk of compulsory closing and passive reduction of shares held by controlling shareholders. Hangzhou hi tech said that shuangfan investment carried out stock pledge business with Huachuang securities on January 25, 2017. Up to now, the business has expired. Shuangfan investment has failed to buy back as scheduled. Huachuang securities will deal with it for breach of contract, which may involve the passive reduction of shares held by shuangfan investment.

It is worth mentioning that Hangzhou hi tech has just announced on November 19 that nine bank accounts of the company have been frozen, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange has also issued an urgent letter of concern to Hangzhou hi tech. the main reason is that Hangzhou hi tech is deeply involved in several loan disputes. Hangzhou hi tech said that since the above litigation matters need to involve the auction and sale of assets related to the companys original actual controllers Gao Changhong and happy holdings as a priority source of repayment funds, the company is unable to determine the final amount of funds to be paid off by the company at this stage.

In addition, the website of Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau disclosed on January 14 this year that Gao Changhong, the former actual controller of Hangzhou Gaoxin, still occupied the funds of listed companies, occupying 1.778 billion yuan of funds of Listed Companies in 2018 and 2019. Although all the occupied funds have been returned, the interest of funds occupied has not been returned. Moreover, from April 2018 to June 2019, Gao Changhong privately lent the companys official seal and made external loans and guarantees in the name of the company. As of December 30, 2019, the actual balance of the above loans and guarantees was 143791200 yuan.

At present, the largest shareholder of Hangzhou hi tech is happy Holding Group Co., Ltd., accounting for 29.85%, which is controlled by the original actual controller Gao Changhong, and all the shares are in the state of pledge. According to the judicial auction announcement released on November 25, natural persons Zhou Yiping and Chen Damin respectively sold 3.485 million shares and 4.43 million shares of Hangzhou hi tech at the price of 39.72 million yuan and 47.9 million yuan, accounting for 2.75% and 3.5% of the total equity respectively.