Honest people are forced to rush? The lower body was plotted and booed! The most embarrassing button will be angry, a record of the interval to silence the whole audience

 Honest people are forced to rush? The lower body was plotted and booed! The most embarrassing button will be angry, a record of the interval to silence the whole audience

But when that happened, he had sweaty palms and tight toes - Finley was too tight, which was no different from playing in a final. After a simple jump shot and fancy action imitation, the two sides finally entered the three ball bullfight. It wasnt embarrassing to lose 3-1, and Finn won Jordans praise with a drifting jump shot: the lad is playing well, Ill wait for you in the NBA.

In 1995, Phoenix Suns failed again in the western semifinals, which changed the managements mind. Dan Marley, a veteran with only 6 points in the series and only 30% of the shooting rate, was sent to Cleveland. And Finley, who was selected in the 21st place, can just replace him as a small forward. It was a happy thing for everyone, but Finley couldnt be happy. The bulls in the first place chose Jason caffy to let his first dream: playing with Jordan in the United Center, which was broken.

Just 10 days after the start of the game, he played his best in the first half of the fourth quarter of the game against the warriors, winning the seasons highest 27 points and 9 rebounds in three overtime. After a brief adaptation, Finley immediately sat firmly in the main position. His best game came in the fourth game after the start, when the suns main force was dead, led by veteran Seba Ross, the Lakers established a 15 point lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, sun coach Paul Westfall didnt send all the main lineups, but let Finley and new comer John Williams play with substitutes. It was this move that made the Suns finally complete the big reversal in Finleys kill.

However, compared with these games, Finley is obviously more concerned about the face-to-face confrontation with his idol Jordan, fulfilling his promise five years ago. On January 28, 1996, the sun went to Chicago to challenge the 37-3 bulls. Although Finley is still the teenager with a lot of nervous fouls and mistakes, he has shown great potential. Although the Suns lost the game, Finley played his own style.


Although he got 15 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.5 assists in the first grade, Finleys fate could not be decided by himself. Buckley left the suns in 1996, Kevin Johnson opened the season with surgery, and Phoenix suffered a 13 game losing streak. Denny Angie, who just became head coach, made the first deal with the management. He saw the Mavericks fighting and traded Jason Kidd.

The price is to give up Michael Finley, who the team once planned to focus on.

After half a years trial, they immediately gave Finley a big contract of 42 million yuan for five years, locking him up and training him as a cornerstone. Finley also lived up to expectations, averaging 21.5 points per game, with 5.3 rebounds and 4.9 assists; in the last game against Jordan, he scored 32 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists to reverse the bulls. The star in the sun is the bright one.

Of course, the dilemma of 1997 all star still shows that the star flavor is not enough

The audience was successfully amused

In the summer of 1998, the Mavericks ushered in a historic change, with rookies Dirk Nowitzki and Nash joining the team. At this time, Finley reflected his own personality superiority of being a reconstruction team leader: on the one hand, he did not mind to be a stepping stone, and generously accepted the existence of two young people who would inevitably rob the class and power in the future, but also helped the two adapt to the new team and new environment with a modest and kind attitude, and perfectly helped them complete the transition from rookie to star The change.

On the other hand, regardless of his own ability or not, Finley has always tried his best to save the field when his two younger brothers could not compete, which explained the significance of the old yellow cattle. In the four years from 1998 to 2001, Finley did not even miss any match. He ranked first in the League in terms of playing time per game in three years and second in a year (only losing Iverson).

With such a big brother, the two will have no worries about their future. Their growth rate is gratifying. They will soon be able to score 60 points together, and they are called the three Mavericks. More to the fans delight, there was also a boss, mark Kuban, who came with NASH and Nowitzki. This businessman has an almost infatuated attitude toward basketball. Under the command of his big money and old Nelson, the Mavericks maintained a fast-paced playing method, and the team quickly became a powerful Western power.

In 2001, Dallas Mavericks won 53 games and ranked fifth in the West. Eleven years later, Dallas Mavericks finally entered the playoffs, and Finley also handed over his masterpiece of career playoffs.

Who killed the calf? Of course, it was Finley. In the first half, he scored 13 points from 6-out-of-9 shots, which was the only reliable fire spot for the Mavericks. In the third quarter, Finley did not receive any assists. After 7 minutes and 30 seconds, the Mavericks scored all the points. Like Michael, he held up the shooting rate of the Mavericks crotch with his own strength, and Sloan couldnt help shaking his head.

At the end of the game, he came out again to solve the opponent, hit Stockton with his back to attract the bag, and then used his only assists to help booth finish the near win.

Finally, in the 84-83 defensive battle, Finley scored 33 points, while his younger brother Nowitzki and Nash had only 3-in-11 crotch performance. It is not too much to say that Finley was the only one to win.

After the game, Kuban sent a contract of 102 million for seven years to Finley, Finley said his second dream, I want to end the Mavericks.

Then, in the second round against the Spurs, the Mavericks were swept by 4-1 gentlemen, and Finley shot 29.1% of the series. In the fifth game, he was blocked to 1 out of 17 and scored only 2 points.


With the growth of age and the decline of his tactical position, Finley is no longer the number one sharp knife of the Mavericks. His body has been fighting with high intensity for a long time, and he has also begun to suffer from injuries. He is no longer the iron man who can continue to work all the time, and his position in the team is also declining.

In the days of the three swordsmen, the Mavericks lost twice to the Spurs and twice to the king, which became the obstacle for Dallas people to step forward forever. The kings attack is no less than the Mavericks, but the defense is better. The Mavericks only rely on Webers reimbursement in 2003 to win seven. The Spurs are even more the bitter owners of the Mavericks. In the eyes of Duncan, their weak inner line is just a dish of Chinese food. However, every time Finley tries to break through the inside line, he sees Duncan, as if he thinks of the first in 17 in the second round of 2001.

His jump shot is good, but its always hard to maintain in the playoffs. In fact, since he was known as Jordans successor, his ability to control the movement has been hindering his way to become a breakthrough player, so he has to complete the single in the flank, and choose to only jump shot, it is not surprising that he has suffered a lot in the playoffs. Once the front and back swing people do not have excellent ability to attack with the ball, the upper limit is actually like this.

Although he is conscientious and honest, Finley has only played one and a half games in the playoffs for two consecutive years (one is a 31 point game against the suns and the other half is an out of bounds snatch for the Rockets), which has strengthened Kubans determination to send him away. It happens that the League has issued an amnesty clause, and Finley has dropped to below double scores in three consecutive games year by year, and will be in the next three It takes up 20 million yuan of salary space every year. It seems that the amnesty is not a loss.

In addition to asking why, he calmly accepted the reality and didnt shoot around like a resentful woman, but those three words also contained his bitterness. In the summer, Finley turned to join the Mavericks Texas rivals San Antonio Spurs. Even Popovich said that Finley came to the Spurs can only play Ginobili and Bowens substitutes, and the Spurs can only provide 3 years of 8.49 million contracts, but Finley still chose the Spurs in a group of championship lobbying teams and high-tech recruitment of the Nuggets. Since the first two dreams can not be realized, then only the last one, get the ring.

You rarely have a chance to play with a great team like the Spurs, Finley said. I always said that if Popovich was only willing to give me five minutes, I would do my best in five minutes.

But the atmosphere of peace ended when the Mavericks met the Spurs again in the playoffs. In the second half of the series, Trevor and Mavericks got up in the second half of the double, but in the second half of the series, Trevor and Mavericks won.

After getting up, Finley was furious and tried to find out the other sides theory. Although the referee did not make a decision on the spot, he gave Terry a suspension after the game.

In the sixth game of American Airlines Center, the previous applause was gone. Old captain Finley was booed by the whole stadium. The first row of the stadium was even filled with fans wearing Terrys No. 31 shirt, as if Dallas were demonstrating to the old captain.

Although Finleys honest man has no temper, it doesnt mean he has no backbone. In the former home court, Finley, known as the traitor, played his best performance after joining the Spurs in Game 6. He not only sent a bloody Michael like dunk from the universe, but also hit a very important three points in the fourth quarter against Nowitzkis defense. With his goal (16 points in the whole game), the Spurs finally beat the opponents and successfully put the ball to the front of the Spurs Series into a life and death battle

But it didnt work out as expected. Ginobilis unflappable foul failed the Spurs pursuit. This year, he didnt help Finley win the championship, which made Popovich feel guilty for a time. We should know that Finley tried his best according to the arrangement of the Spurs coach group, and the Spurs also took the dream of championship as the season goal, but it was nothing.

But in 2006, the Mavericks will lose the championship, but it will turn black in 2006. After winning the championship, Finley hopped like a child, took over the fourth basketball game and said nothing.

Finleys beaming smile matched the wrinkles on his face. In his 12-year career, Michael, who was aiming at Jordans successor, has been carved into a fake starting and fixed-point shooter. Turning a maverick captain into a Dallas traitor.


In fact, as early as the summer of 2007, Kuban deliberately mentioned reconciliation, but Finley did not pay attention to this. Later, Finley played for the Spurs until 2009, and the resentment between the two sides gradually faded in the face-to-face.

In 2013, Kuban hired Finley as vice president of team operations, announcing the complete normalization of the relationship between the two sides, and the planner for Finleys retired Jersey was also put on the agenda.

After Finley left, his No. 4 Jersey was worn by six Mavericks, which was once seen as a symbol of a split. But in 2017, the Mavericks rookie Dennis Smith didnt know, so he said he wanted to wear No. 4, but was rejected by the team. Cuban gave a clear answer: we have other plans for the No. 4 shirt. Today, the Mavericks No. 4 is still in the sealed state, and the team and Finley must be waiting for a suitable opportunity to lift it to the dome.


Not every Michael who plays basketball in Chicago is Jordan. Its a great future for the man of heaven. But as Michael Finley, he is also very good.