Draft convention, not wood

 Draft convention, not wood

He thought about his past and future, which was bright just a few days ago. He spent five years at the bottom and finally got an opportunity. He can even count the good games: 27 points and 12 rebounds against thunder, 26 points against magic, and 32 points for the first team to cut me off against 76.

In June, wood recovered. One day, news of his recovery could appear in the front pages of major NBA websites, indicating that he was really valued. The pistons didnt become the team that kept him, but he finally made a good deal of himself: the rockets and pistons signed him a three-year $41 million contract. In the previous five years, it was more than 4.1 million.

The second most important thing for the Rockets is that they dont have the best hairstyle. So wood must have a starting position, which made him float: we can still play in the all attack five small lineup, I can also shoot three points. When Haden holds the ball, I can pick and roll with him, we can play the most beautiful attack

In another interview with wood, he even put himself in the position of the second rocket player. I dont know what kind of experience wesbrook is. In the consternation, we even forgot that he was not even the third player in Fujian until he took the initiative to take this part out.

No one wants me, Ive been cut off by Chinese teams. They say I cant do it yet. I hold my breath. This has always inspired me.

Yes, for such a vagrant little man, passion, love, courage and so on are useless. Only money is the most sincere. After all, the paragraphs of his life are basically pushed by fate. In a test paper, all the way out of the correct answer is a bloody path.

He was a college student at UNLV and couldnt wait to run after his sophomore season. That year, his field average was 15.7 points, 10 rebounds, 2.7 blocks, but his shooting rate was only 49.7%. In the Scouts evaluation report, all the negative comments are that he is too thin and weak, only 97 kg, and lacks effective scoring methods. The good side is visible to the naked eye: the height of shoes is 2.11 meters, and the arm span is more than 2.2 meters, so if you are lucky, you can get a second round middle section and get a 1 + 1 guarantee base salary contract.

But in joint trials and individual training, he was late several times and was blacklisted by scouts, scaring away many teams. Because he was not punctual and lost everything, other stories about him were added to his memory: he forgot to bring his passport when playing away in Toronto; later he bought a Bentley when he was playing in the mixed Development League. These unusual actions made the NBA team stay away from him, and the farther away the better.

I mean, maybe my mistake wasnt so serious that I didnt get a chance? He said, I feel like Im always being let down. Fortunately, Detroit gave me a chance and I took it.

But he missed more than one opportunity or two. After that, he admitted that he should wait another year for the draft, forgetting that there were ups and downs in draft estimates. Before the 2015 draft, almost all predictions were that he could be the end of the first round, but as time went on, his ranking suddenly plummeted: in the video clip, he was slouching on the court, unable to shoot, and drowsy when playing. Thats what his technical coach, Abu NASA, said to him, scouts are coming. You have to pretend at least, brother. Coach face helpless, we should not be higher than your own requirements for you.

On the night of the draft, wood contracted a venue at Caesar Palace Hotel in Las Vegas and invited more than a dozen friends and relatives to watch the draft convention. The coach still remembers, he was very excited in the first round, but wood watched helplessly as he failed to call him in the first round, nor did he in the second round. What the reporters at the meeting finally got was not champagne, but a famous photo, draft conference, dont talk about wood..

He played in the summer league with the rockets and was offered a base salary contract with the 76ers. Unfortunately, at that time, the two centers of the 76ers were Noel and okafu, and there was also an enbid on the injury list. So the first two are playing 76 in Philadelphia and 87 in Delaware, and we all have a bright future and beautiful numbers. Unfortunately, that year, the 76 hired Jerry Cologne to clean up the discipline. On that day, wood went out to drink with okafu, and tanhualang beat people up. This scandal is really sad. The 76 people need to give an account to the public, so they cut wood who didnt do it.

Woods second team to go is the Hornets, which will be the next season. He remembers that when he first appeared, he was scored overhead. He looked at the bench, where Michael Jordan sat, facing him, throw your skinny butt into the power room. Dont let that bastard score again. Youre more talented than he is. Fuck him!

He remembers that the hornet staff told him to go to Jordans office and the two spent a few minutes watching woods collection at the Development League. He started telling me what I needed to work on, wood recalled. It meant a lot, you think, thats Michael Jordan. Hes sitting here watching your Development League game?

It doesnt mean Jordan wants to keep him. He changed teams to play in the summer league, this time alone. He really cant understand why the fans should shout MVP to Ding yanyuhang, who averaged 8 points, and Singh, an Indian with 0.7 points, just as he cant understand why his level cant be kept in CBA. Is that how its compared, brother? Your first day out to play?

He can only go back to the United States, continue to go to Delaware 87 players, average 23 + 10, 76 people general manager brand can not look down, but 76 people just do not lack the inside line, so brand everywhere to call people to recommend wood, still no one to pay attention to him.

If youre not in the training room, hell scold and start his training, Wood said. Theres nothing in his life other than family, competition, strength, training. Hes pure, just trying to get better. He really affects me.

Were going to play a lot of one-on-one, were going to blow crap at each other in the singles, wood recalled. I came back from the Development League once and it seemed like I had just scored 40 points. Janice came up and said, Oh, I watched your game. Are you ready? I said to him, Im better than you. I dont want to be singled out.

So who will win?

The Pistons last signing was Joe Johnson, 38, and woods first reaction was, shit, come again... But this time he won the PK and became a rotation member of the team. When Griffin was injured, the pistons actively sought change and the deal left Drummond. Wood remembers sending a text message to Drummond after he was traded, a picture of the torch relay.

After that, he averaged 22.8 points, 9.9 rebounds per game, 28 points against the Spurs and led the pistons to win. Popovich pulled him aside after the game. He just told me how good and strong I am. I promise Popovich doesnt know who I am, Wood said. I thought, crazy! Popovich came to praise me

Instead of leaving him, the pistons signed Jeremy grant, a slender power forward who is often compared with wood, in three years and 60 million. In other words, the pistons dont think wood is worth cultivating.

But he got what he wanted: a big contract, a start, and the opportunity to partner with star players, all of which he had dreamed of in the past five years, but he still had a bigger goal: all star, best team, I think I can become one of the top stars in the League.

Many people worry that he is too complacent, but confidence is always a good thing. Otherwise, he would not have been crawling to the present in the past five years. Some of my elected members are no longer in the league, he said. I have been to China and have been laid off. They told me that it is not good enough, but I am here now, does not it mean that I am great?

Doctor: its just that the Spurs return to the Italian League because of their dissatisfaction with the NBA teams offer: we dont need to take a shot and Wes can beat his team himself. Source: Netease sports manuscript Author: Wen Ruo editor in charge: mabil_ NS4800