The number one loser of modern basketball: from the first center to the culprit of cosmic bravery, and then to the instrumental man who coaxes thick eyebrows of the Lakers

 The number one loser of modern basketball: from the first center to the culprit of cosmic bravery, and then to the instrumental man who coaxes thick eyebrows of the Lakers

However, there are not many people who really think from the perspective of Corzine, including the carnival warriors fans. Its only known that 28 year old kacins will take at least half a year to recover, but the warriors can afford to - in other words, the warriors are the only team that has the capital to wait, and they can fully allow him to recover and play in the playoffs.

However, how many people think of the question: what is the reason for koshins to accept the contract, which is only about 5 million yuan?

For the ring? Im afraid its not yet time: if you dont find a brother to form a group, 28 is obviously not the age to hold your thighs. So the root problem is the simplest: he didnt get the contract.

The pelican has been rumored to have offered cousins a two-year $40 million contract, but it is not known whether it was before or after his injury. We only unilaterally felt the grievance, frustration and anger of koshins from the interview, but he soon realized that the pelicans were not the team that was obliged to extend their contract.

There is also a detail: go to the warrior, he took the initiative to call.

He contacted Bob Meyers, general manager of warriors, and then called curry, Durant and green - this is not a replica of a warrior recruiting Durant, but a plot of desperate self recommendation. Its a bit ironic and acid, but fortunately it resonates with everyone. For warriors, its the best match for fans Dai - they only have a mini middle class. They gave it to Nick Young the year before, and then patruria. When McGrady left the team, it was a surprise to get a super center.

But for cousins, he is the man who knows what he is: at this moment, he can be a warrior only because of his past experience, the teams hope for him, not his own people here.

In the end of the year, there is no need to repeat. He just broke the magic spell of the playoffs and played eight games, but the championship slipped away in front of his eyes. When Durant and Thompson fell down one after another, he realized the most heartless ending of being a mercenary: he didnt even have a goodbye, his contract expired and it was time to leave.

Hes going to a place where he has his own people, so the Lakers, Davis and Rondo are actively recruiting him. But the familiar No. 15 shirt did not belong to him after all. In a training match on August 15, 2019, there was no confrontation injury. The examination result was that the anterior cruciate ligament was torn. His season was gone, his peak was gone.

On February 23, 2020, the Lakers announced the dismissal of Corzine.

Time went back to his days as king, when he was full of energy and fearless of powerful enemies. His strength is constantly improving, from the strongest low back body monster, to a stable three-point range, and then to the all-round Super Center who can dribble and occasionally deliver wonderful passes. People are frantically looking for templates for him: Buckley, Moses Malone, ONeal, one thing is certain, he is already the leagues number one center.

In the era of the decline of the center, he defended the dignity of the center with his dazzling technology and extremely solid attack ability in the forbidden area.

In the first five years of his career, he was an all star and second team member, and he was the first player since Chamberlain to score 20 points, 20 rebounds and 10 assists in two consecutive games. He is also seen as a cornerstone star in rebuilding the king, and more importantly, he and Sacramento love each other - on September 30, 2013, he and Sacramento renewed his contract for four years with 62 million top salaries. After that, he donated $1 million to the community and family in Sacramento. He was enthusiastic about participating in community care activities, and more than once he said he would call in until he retired. The kings did their best to help him. But the chain reaction that followed made everyone lose.

In 2015, the legendary Kings center, Divac, took office as kings housekeeper. After that, he fired Mike Malone and hired George Carr as head coach. After that, there were frequent conflicts between Corzine and Karl.

After that, cousins denied the rumor, but it was obvious that the rumor did not come out of thin air. With a better understanding of the interpretation, it is easy to return to the original story: koshins does not like Karl very much. He tries to force the team to dismiss Carl by forcing the palace. In his opinion, as the top card of the team, he should be able to decide to replace the coach who is out of tune.

But he forgot one thing: Carl was brought by Divac and signed a four-year contract, and Divac was not his confidant.

This poor forced palace, eventually buried a time bomb. Even if all those who know him well know that he never wanted to leave the team, there is no doubt that Divac doesnt like him to do so and has already moved the idea of taking him away.

Under the special clause, named designated veteran, players of 7-9 years of age are allowed to sign with the team a top salary of 35% of the starting salary of the salary cap for more than 10 years. At first, the League thought that this clause could help small city teams to keep their big cards, while George of Pacers and kausins of King were cited at that time.

The top salary reached 200 million in five years, 30 million more than the previous 170 million in five years. At that time, 200 million was obviously an astronomical figure.

The League believes that money will make players no longer yearn for big cities and are willing to stay. But they have forgotten one thing: the team is not necessarily willing to give this money, so many dollars, can the small city really earn back?

Later reports said that throughout the summer of 2015, Karl had been pushing for koshins to get rid of him, and cousins responded by tweeting a snake in the grass. The quarrel between the two lasted for the next year. King ended the season 33-49 and Karl was hired.

Is this a victory for cousins? He may really think so. His younger brother Davis texted him to play in the pelican. He didnt care at first, he just left for New Orleans to prepare for the 2017 all star. But in the second half of the all star game, there was a shocking news that king had traded him to the pelican and told him not to go back. Ill send your stuff later.

He was furious. At the end of the all star game, he searched frantically for Divac and his boss, lanadeff, just to ask for an explanation, but he was in vain. He said he understood that he might be traded, but as the teams number one, it was insulting to trade on the all star day without any notice or omen.

I started to blame myself and found myself ridiculous, he said. You knew it was a business when you came into the NBA. How could you be loyal to a team that didnt respect people at all? Im a real fool.

Divac was quick to give a highly official response at Kings, saying the team was worried that koshins would leave as a free agent in 2018. Because Dalglish does not intend to offer him a contract of 200 million for five years, but if you tell cousins, he will not be satisfied, affecting the atmosphere of the team. But when this sentence reached the ears of Corzine, he was angry again. Before all stars, he pretended to come to me to promise that he would not trade me. Am I not honest with them? Why does he think Im the kind of person who is unfaithful for money?

Cousins didnt like to play officialdom, but the king was in the past. He chose the No. 0 shirt and said he wanted to forget everything. In pelican, he quickly made a tacit understanding with Davis. In the 2017-18 season, he got the absolute right to the ball, including shooting, supporting and controlling the rhythm. Rondo was responsible for throwing the ball to him in the half-time, and he showed the strength of a superstar.

25.2 points, 12.9 rebounds, 5.4 assists, plus 1.6 steals and 1.6 blocks, behind such terrible data, is that he is more and more fond of here. He still goes his own way, interacting with fans and being wary of the management. But the strength is impeccable: 40 points, 22 rebounds, 4 blocks, 32 points, 20 rebounds. On January 22, 2018, he scored 44 points, 24 rebounds and 10 assists against the bulls, becoming the first player in 46 years after Jabbar to win such a number. Four days later, against the Rockets, he scored 15 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists. At the end of the game, he tore his left Achilles tendon.

He still didnt play in the playoffs.

Davis played all star in his No. 0, and he said with Davis and Rondo that he would play together in the future. He originally wanted to be able to recuperate in the warriors, feel the atmosphere of the playoffs and finals, and become a member of a great team. But when he came back with courage and blood, fate was still playing a big joke: the biggest impact of Achilles tendon injury is that people can no longer use their feet at the same time as before.

The Lakers sacked him in February and signed makif Morris, but still wanted him to stay and recover. Unfortunately, the epidemic once again destroyed the plot of family reunion. He didnt go to Orlando with the team, just stayed in the Laker chat group and cheered on his former teammates from time to time. After winning the championship, thick eyebrow was the first to call him. He and the trio of thick eyebrow and Rondo were still deeply emotional. The Lakers also said that they would give him a championship ring. But what he wanted to hear more was to return to the team, but he didnt wait for a formal promise.

He signed a one-year base salary with the Rockets, and he wanted to play a slow center to the fastest team. The signing of the contract seems so abnormal and weird, but it is no longer important. With a base salary and no guarantee, Mr. cousins, who just passed his 30th birthday, still waited until this day. To his regret, money, family affection and respect will still get nothing in the autumn of 2020. Each time the node, did not bring him much goodwill. Perhaps he had foreseen all this and said frankly, adversity is never a bad thing. On the contrary, it can bring me more motivation and prepare me for the next time. But his last appearance was in June 2019. He never studied the world and just wanted to concentrate on playing. It seems that he really does not belong to this era, and will finally disappear in the memory of fans.

Can clays Achilles tendon fully recover? Doctor: full recovery just means that the basic function of the Spurs shot back to the Italian League because of dissatisfaction with the NBA teams offer dream: we dont need to shoot, Wes can beat their team himself. Source: Netease sports manuscript Author: Lido editor: Li Xueer_ NB13040