The limit of microblog flow has been criticized by musicians! Behind the contradiction between algorithm and content, micro blog relies heavily on advertising mode, which is difficult to solve

 The limit of microblog flow has been criticized by musicians! Behind the contradiction between algorithm and content, micro blog relies heavily on advertising mode, which is difficult to solve

However, the microblog customer service responded: because the performance information mostly contains the diversion chain and shopping guide QR code, some of the blog posts are judged as marketing content by the system..

This kind of situation is not accidental. After the old wolf made his voice, many people in the music circle said that they had encountered the same problem. Ye Bei, a singer, wrote: recently, similar situations have been encountered one after another. Performances and public welfare are all restricted.

As far as the topic is concerned, it is not limited to the frequency of discussions on the platform. What makes many content producers and ordinary users feel puzzled and puzzled is, as an open social media platform, how does microblog itself act between recommendation algorithm and content dissemination?

On November 19, Lao Lang evening forwarded a micro blog about the new book sharing meeting and live performance activities, with a wechat link to introduce the activity. However, laolangs sharing has been limited. The specific performance is that the icons of forwarding, commenting and liking are gray, which also means that netizens cant interact with them.

Folk singer Zhou Yunpeng commented: its the high-quality content weve released over the years that has fed your platform. Its a big deal not to play Weibo. Sina Weibo should not be so short-sighted and dig its own grave. Ye Bei, a singer, also said that recently performances and public welfare are all restricted..

In fact, the discontent and accusation of musicians did not break out in a moment. Zijian, a member of the hedgehog band, has complained about this phenomenon on Weibo for many times this year, saying that the flow of several microblogs released by him has been limited. In order to let more fans see the tour information, he has also bought the fan headlines, but still faces the situation that the icons for forwarding, commenting and praising turn gray.

Not only musicians, but also the founder of nut livehouse also said that as the lowest unit of the music pyramid and the most basic cradle of musicians, the microblog information of livehouse has been limited by microblog all year round, which directly affects many small and medium-sized musicians touring.

As a matter of fact, musicians and fans have been restricting the flow of music for a long time. They have no choice but to take some special measures. For example, the wild childrens band sets the tour information to the top, and some musicians will mosaic the QR code in the publicity poster or put the QR code and the ticket chain in the comment area to prevent shielding.

After a number of musicians collectively responded to the common phenomenon of microblog flow restriction, on November 22, microblog customer service said in response that, in order to regulate the release of marketing content in the microblog platform, protect the legitimate rights and experiences of users, and promote the healthy development of the business ecology of the microblog platform, the station, in accordance with the advertising law of the peoples Republic of China and the Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising, said in response that, All along, the marketing content that affects the user experience has been supervised and disposed. In particular, the content related to commercial brand rights and interests, or the diversion and shopping guide outside the station should be managed. Because the performance information mostly includes the guide chain and the shopping guide QR code, some of the blog posts are judged as marketing content by the system.

After being Besieged by musicians, microblog music said it would release a new support plan for musicians.

Although this response seems to have temporarily calmed down the storm of music peoples collective criticism, doubts about the current limit of microblog are still continuing on the Internet, and more questions come one after another. For example, do musicians need to join the new musician support program to get support from resources? In the future, will the microblogs with QR code posters and ticketing links on platforms like Xiudong and barley still be limited?

For the above two major issues of great concern, international finance reporter interviewed the micro blog.

As a commercial company, the realization of traffic through advertising is the main business mode of microblog. Article 32 of the micro blog community Convention stipulates that advertisers and advertising operators can choose different commercial products for advertising according to their own needs. And in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, signed a written contract with microblog and assumed corresponding legal obligations.

Industry people call this practice pay protection fee. A person who is engaged in media delivery in an advertising agency told the international finance news that, as a rule, paying the protection fee will not be restricted.

According to Article 33 of the micro blog community Convention, if the marketing information with advertising nature is released unilaterally without the commercial product channels provided by microblog, and the marketing information is not registered and filed according to the requirements, and does not have the identifiability required by Internet advertising, the station will screen and restrict the display of such information according to the user complaints or other means And so on.

As the most open social platform in the Chinese Internet, microblog has hundreds of millions of users. It is unrealistic to check whether there is marketing information in the blog articles by hand. However, at the same time, the identification and screening of algorithms often make users feel confused. For example, if a musician reflects, just sharing a song or a public welfare activity will be judged as an advertisement.

Whats more, this kind of situation affects not only the music circle. Lin Bo (pseudonym), a blogger with nearly one million fans on Weibo, told the International Financial Daily that whether it was music or public welfare activities, their carriers were the same as ordinary commercial information carriers, either with QR codes in the posters or with links from the Internet. The probability of these carriers being judged as commercial advertisements is very high.

In Lin Bos opinion, the algorithm recognition of microblog is very simple. It can only identify whether there is an external chain or a QR code image in the blog post, and it will not deeply identify whether the content of the blog post is music or public welfare.

As for the more complex original content and soft placement advertising, it is more difficult to accurately determine. As a lifestyle blogger, most of the blog posts published by Lin Bo are related to food, cosmetics, and shops. When exploring stores, the names of specific shops will be revealed, and the names of specific brands will also appear when recommending daily good goods. In this case, it is difficult to determine whether a blogger has collected money or not. Lin Bo said that in the we media industry, bloggers often publish non-commercial original content, but somehow they are blocked and restricted. However, there are also loopholes, some of the soft implanted advertising microblog platform can not be judged.

Behind the contradiction between microblog platform and users about whether the content belongs to marketing information, once again exposed the problem that microblog heavily relies on advertising revenue.

According to the microblog financial report data, during the three years from 2017 to 2019, the revenue reached US $1151 million, US $1715 million and US $1766.9 billion respectively. Most of the revenue came from advertising and marketing, mainly from third parties, Alibaba, Sina and other related parties. In the past three years, advertising and marketing revenue accounted for 86.67%, 87.24% and 86.6% respectively. Other revenue came from value-added services.

This trend does not change in 2020. In the first quarter and second quarter of 2020, the proportion of microblog revenue from advertising and marketing still exceeded 85%.

Whats more, the sudden outbreak of the new crown has a huge impact on the advertising industry. According to media reports, WPPs advertising agency GroupMs mid-2020 Global Forecast report shows that global advertising industry spending will fall by 11.9% this year, compared with an increase of 6.2% in 2019. According to the global advertising trends report released by the world advertising research center (WARC), Chinas advertising spending will increase from a positive 5.3% to a decrease of 6.1% to 568.5 billion yuan in 2020.

The impact of the epidemic is short-term. From the perspective of the second quarter, its revenue has rebounded, and compared with traditional media, the impact of network media is smaller. However, the epidemic has changed peoples consumption habits for a long time. Since the beginning of the year, advertisers advertising behavior has changed significantly. According to the report released by CCTV Market Research (CTR), most advertisers demand for live e-commerce and short video advertising is increasing. Kwai tiktok, a media service executive, told reporters that advertisers would consider micro-blog more when making products, but would consider Taobaos live broadcast, shake hands and fast hands more when they sell.

Users attention is being snatched away by live broadcast and short video platforms, but at present, microblog has not created a product as successful as microblog. Kuang Yuqing, founder of lens company, a third-party research institution, told reporters that microblog lacks flexibility and innovation in traffic management, and its essence is a social platform, and the operation mode of the platform is nothing more than traffic acquisition and flow realization. Tencent relies on social networking to obtain traffic. It harvests and realizes traffic through advertising, games, finance and investment. Microblog also relies on social networking to obtain traffic. However, the realization method basically relies on advertising. They failed to successfully develop tools and products to realize the realization of traffic from other aspects, and the product capacity is relatively weak.

After the current restriction again and again, as the musician Zhou Yunpeng said, its a big deal not to play Weibo, many users mentality is changing.

Lin Bo told reporters that Weibo had previously released an information flow optimization plan. If a user often interacts with a blogger, the content of the blogger will be more recommended to the user. On the contrary, if the interaction between the user and the blogger is reduced, even if the attention is not cancelled, the user is not able to brush the content of the blogger frequently in his timeline. Not every content creator can make money, a lot of it may be generated for love. In Lin Bos opinion, this information flow optimization plan is actually a current limiting plan in a certain logic, which will hit the creative power of creators. Over time, it is difficult for some accounts with good content quality to persist.

Ding Daoshi, an Internet industry analyst, told the international financial news that the information cocoon room and other issues caused by information flow have been discussed for many years. Not only microblogs, Baidu and todays headlines have also attracted verbal criticism. Behind these situations, the platform unilaterally pursues traffic and hits, and makes special recommendations for some content that attracts attention Users watch to strengthen the recommendation, so as to achieve traffic burst, and then achieve the purpose of commercialization. This approach is a double-edged sword. After understanding the rules of the platform, many number making parties specialize in producing content that can attract attention and be easily captured by the platform. On the one hand, the flow has increased, but on the other hand, the quality of the content has also declined, especially for the elite.

According to Ding Daoshi, it is difficult for the platform to achieve both goals. If the platform wants to develop, it needs traffic. After all, it will be favored by advertisers only when the traffic increases. From the economic perspective, it is beneficial, but it is bound to have a bad impact on the word-of-mouth level.

Reporter Cai Shumin

Editor Shen Yujie

Responsible editor Bai Yanbing