A record! The average price is 4.5 million yuan. Why does the house price rise against the trend

 A record! The average price is 4.5 million yuan. Why does the house price rise against the trend

It is understood that in July this year, the British government announced that by March 31, 2021, the starting point of stamp duty on residential properties will be raised from 125000 pounds before that to 500000 pounds. The Treasury estimates that 90% of home buyers benefit. After the announcement of this measure, the number of British real estate websites has soared, and house prices have also risen.

Guy gitins, general manager of Chesterton real estate consultancy: This is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the housing market, especially in the low price market, because the savings of 15000 pounds can give people more choices in housing. I think the overall response of the market is very good.

In addition, in order to control the epidemic, the British government requires people to work at home, which also improves their requirements for living environment. Some Britons, especially those living in London, are more likely to choose houses with better natural environment, which has further pushed up house prices.

However, some analysts believe that the most critical issue at present is how long the prosperity of the British real estate market can last. After the end of the stamp duty relief for residential properties at the end of March next year and the imposition of a 2% stamp duty on overseas buyers from April next year, the UK real estate market may take on a completely different picture in the second quarter of next year.

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