190000 shareholders are confused! What happened when the 30 billion bull stocks suddenly collapsed?

 190000 shareholders are confused! What happened when the 30 billion bull stocks suddenly collapsed?

The latest number of shareholders of Rendong holdings, Jingji Zhinong, Yongding shares, Yunnei power and Zhengzhou coal power were 13100, 8700, 45900, 75200 and 47300 respectively, with a total of 190200.

4.6 times big bull shares suddenly collapsed and continuously fell

Yesterday, the announcement in reply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchanges attention letter showed that Rendong holdings, a big bull stock with a market value of over 30 billion yuan, suddenly collapsed in the afternoon of yesterday. Today, it is even more a one word limit, with more than 300000 selling shares sealed off the limit, corresponding to a market value of more than 1.5 billion yuan.

These two days flash collapse, before the continuous limit, Rendong holdings is a bull stock. At the end of yesterday, the market value of Rendong holdings was still 30.3 billion yuan, and 27.2 billion yuan after todays limit.

From the bottom of 11.56 yuan in September 2018 to a high of 64.72 yuan in November this year, the share price of Rendong holdings increased by 460% in more than two years.

State owned assets choose to withdraw

Rendong still lost money in the first three quarters of this year

Prior to this, on November 18, Rendong holdings announced that Beijing Haidian state owned assets no longer held the companys shares, and the companys actual controller and controlling shareholder were changed back to Huo Dong and Rendong information. A year ago, the state-owned assets in Haidian District of Beijing entered into the ownership through share trusteeship. One year later, the state-owned assets terminated the entrusted management relationship.

After the release of this news, the shares of Rendong holdings did not have an obvious reaction. Then, the exchange issued a letter of concern on the news.

Rendong holdings announced on November 25 that due to various factors, the progress of cooperation between the two sides was lower than expected. On the one hand, due to the epidemic situation, some of the agreements on strategic cooperation between the two sides could not be implemented since this year; on the other hand, affected by the relevant policies of state-owned enterprises, the location and implementation of relevant projects were limited, which also affected the cooperation process and the availability of relevant financial support. On the whole, the two sides no longer have the basis and conditions for further cooperation, resulting in the commission agreement will not be renewed after the expiration of one year.

Rendong holdings also said that the companys accumulated loan balance from haikejin group, a subsidiary of Beijing Haidian state-owned assets, was 145 million yuan. Specifically, in February 2020 and may 2020, the company borrowed 50 million yuan and 95 million yuan from haikejin group respectively. According to the relevant loan agreement, the loan term is 2 years.

It is worth noting that the loss began in the fourth quarter of last year and continued to lose 21.92 million yuan in the first three quarters of this year.

A number of stocks suffered flash collapse and limit

Yongding shares today after the basic flat open, straight line limit.

Yunnei power announced yesterday the announcement of mixed ownership reform. If the mixed reform can be successfully implemented, the actual controller of the company will be changed from Kunming SASAC to a private investor.

After the announcement, the power within the cloud continued to drop.

There are also Zhengzhou coal power, good after 4 trading limits, today suddenly a word down limit.

Hong Kong Stock Market: sharp drop of nearly 90% in opening

Compared with the A-share limit, Hong Kong stocks without up and down, the specific stocks may be more miserable. A Hong Kong stock market, which is thought to be a pig killing dish, opened in the morning today and fell 88% in an instant.

At the opening of the trading this morning, it fell by 88% in an instant. From yesterdays closing price of HK $4.36, it fell to HK $0.51.

According to Hong Kong media reports, wechat women recently began to recommend this stock. Some cheaters asked members of the group to register orders at HK $4.16 in the afternoon, and claimed that some stock speculators could hold the stock price to a higher level in the afternoon. The fraudsters also asked the team members to send out their own bills and position charts, falsely claimed to study the amount of money that could be supported by the waist pressure, and then put the left hand and lift the right hand to hold up the stock price. Some victims point out that they have lost HK $4 million.

Prior to that, Tan Langwei, CO director of Fuchang securities, once issued a wechat female stock system on the social platform to warn retail investors not to get involved. At that time, it was pointed out that there were Weiyuan (a sharp drop of 94% on September 25), Haojiang Electromechanical, Dingshi capital (0.063, - 0.00, - 1.56%), and Gaosheng group (the stock price has risen 356% this year).

Some private investors said that for unfamiliar Hong Kong stocks, do not listen to the recommendation of blind participation, great risk.

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