Huawei executives respond to Qualcomms lifting of 4G chip ban: I believe they are working hard

 Huawei executives respond to Qualcomms lifting of 4G chip ban: I believe they are working hard

German media: Germany still opens its door to Huawei

[Global Times comprehensive report] Germany is still open to Huawei, the German economic weekly 25 Daily said, adding that the German governments draft of Information Security Law 2.0 did not exclude Huawei. The 92 page draft requires telecom equipment manufacturers such as Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia to issue guarantees to ensure that their technology does not leave any backdoor for cyber attackers. In addition, these suppliers will be subject to a political trust check.. To this end, the German government will establish a standing committee composed of representatives of the prime ministers office, the Ministry of the interior, the Ministry of economy and the Ministry of foreign affairs to carry out its work by consensus. If there is no consensus on the content of the review in the working level committee, it will be discussed at the ministerial level and finally decided by the prime ministers office.

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Huawei executives talk about the lifting of the ban on Qualcomm