Shanghai: intermediary with false housing source and house price will suspend online key signing

 Shanghai: intermediary with false housing source and house price will suspend online key signing

Stock housing release refers to the online real estate website of Shanghai Trading Centeruff08 uff09The process of releasing the information of the stock houses to be sold that have passed the house source verification.

The brokerage agency should clearly identify the house source verification number and two-dimensional code of the stock houses to be sold through stores, websites and other channels.

In order to prevent false housing, low price fishing and other acts

apply. The obligee entrusts the brokerage agency to apply for verification through the filing system. Trial specification requires that the house source that the obligee applies for verification should have three conditions: have the intention to sell; the house that promises to apply for verification has not signed a transaction contract with others, has not been ruled, sealed up or restricted by judicial and administrative organs according to law, and there is no ownership dispute; and the verification materials should be provided according to the provisions, and the authenticity and validity of the house should be verified be responsible for.

Acceptance. When the obligee entrusts a brokerage agency to apply for verification, the entrusted brokerage agency shall check the house source and the materials submitted for verification. If the conditions are met, the entrusted agency can sign a real estate brokerage entrustment contract with the client through the filing system, print the commitment letter of application for housing source information and verification for the client, and submit the verification application through the filing system after the obligee signs for confirmation.

At the same time, the exchange center requires that the entrusted brokerage institution shall file the commitment letter of application for housing source information and verification signed by the obligee, and keep it properly within the validity period of the entrustment for inspection.

Verification. After the application for housing source verification is accepted, the filing system completes the verification in real time according to the real estate registration information and the record information of stock housing transaction contract.

The content of house source verification includes: feedback the basic information such as the certificate number, location and building area of the house, verifying whether the information of the obligee is consistent with the information in the real estate register; verifying whether the house has mortgage registration, lease registration, objection registration (including temporary objection registration), single party notice registration, document registration (identification of damage to the bearing structure of the house, and violation of the law) Real estate registration information, such as building identification, sealing up and registration.

The results were informed. After the house source verification is completed, the obligee can query the verification results through the filing system by the entrusted brokerage institution, and print the result form of verification and release of stock housing resources as required (see Annex 2).

Results review. If the house source verification fails and the obligee has objection to the verification result, he / she may apply for the result review. The entrusted brokerage institution shall submit the review application online and submit relevant supporting materials; after the review application is accepted, the municipal Trading Center shall complete the review and audit within 1 working day from the date of acceptance; after the review is completed, the obligee can query the review result through the entrusted brokerage institution in the filing system.

Listing Rules:

The official system automatically compares the information and automatically cancels the unqualified housing resources

After the verification is completed, the online real estate website will timely release the stock housing information that has passed the housing source verification or review, including the name of the community, the area where the house is located, the building area, the purpose, the mortgage status, the price to be sold, the entrusted brokerage agency, the verification number, etc.

For the listing of a set of houses entrusted by several brokers, the online real estate website will display the listing information of all the entrusted institutions that have passed the verification of the housing resources.

The buyer can scan the QR code on the housing information released by the brokerage agency with mobile phone to obtain the verification number, and verify the housing source information on the online real estate website. If the house source verification fails, the system will not generate a two-dimensional code, and the entrusted brokerage institution shall not release the house source information to the public.

Trial specification shows that after the release of housing resources, the system will automatically carry out information comparison every day. The system will automatically cancel the listing information for the houses that have expired, have been signed online or have inconsistent real estate registration information.

Publishing fake house source and disclosing customer information will be suspended online signing key and other measures

Shanghai Real Estate Trading Center has also set up a punishment mechanism in addition to the rules of house source verification and release.

According to the requirements of the trial specification, the brokerage institutions shall verify and release the housing resources in accordance with the requirements of the business operation specification for house source verification and release.

The staff of the brokerage agency shall have the obligation to keep the specific information provided by the obligee confidential, and shall not disclose the obligees information or use the obligees information for other purposes without the written consent of the obligee, except for the requirements of laws and regulations or the needs of national security organs, public security organs, procuratorial organs, judicial organs and discipline inspection and supervision departments in performing their official duties.

If it fails to comply with the regulations or there are the following illegal operations, Shanghai Trading Center will take regulatory measures to supervise and urge the rectification, such as revocation of entrustment record, interview, written warning, exposure of online real estate website, inclusion of integrity record, suspension of online signature key, etc

1. Fill in the contact telephone number of the false property owner and the price of the house sold but not truthfully fill in;

2. The application letter of commitment is not signed and filed as required;

3. The annual cumulative number of complaints exceeds a certain proportion;

4. Failing to display the two-dimensional code as required;

5. Other violations.

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