Sudden black swan! Anti epidemic bull shares down limit a share the most cattle plate also collapsed

 Sudden black swan! Anti epidemic bull shares down limit a share the most cattle plate also collapsed

2593 stocks fell all over the world, up 1492 and trading limit was 40.

North to capital clearing 6 billion

Wind data shows that the actual net purchase of northbound funds in the whole day was 6.029 billion yuan, including 3.159 billion yuan of Shanghai Stock connect and 2.87 billion yuan of Shenzhen Stock connect.

Auto sector stalls

The automobile plate is in winter overnight.

From last nights U.S. stocks to todays Hong Kong stocks and a shares, the auto sector can be said to have stalled. Before the U.S. stock market on November 25, ideal automobile, Xiaopeng automobile and Weilai automobile all fell by more than 10%. After the opening of the trading, the decline was narrowed, but ideal automobile and Xiaopeng automobile still fell by 7.37% and 9.00% respectively.

Today, a shares of the auto sector is not optimistic.

New energy vehicle ETF also closed down 1.67%, with a turnover rate of over 6% and a turnover of 3.36 million.

Previously, according to media reports, the notice on the investigation of new energy vehicle production and project situation issued by the national development and Reform Commission recently required the national development and Reform Commission to report the investment situation of new energy vehicles to the industry department of the national development and Reform Commission before November 18.

The notice requires the national development and Reform Commission to provide project information, including the project situation, construction progress and annual production of new pure electric vehicles approved and filed since 2015, the production and operation of new energy vehicle investment projects of existing automobile enterprises and the filing of new energy vehicle projects under construction from 2019 to 2010.

Although in response to the online transmission of the document the NDRC investigates the investment in energy vehicles, the relevant personnel of the NDRC said, this matter is being implemented, and it is not convenient to talk about it now.

But after the news came out, new energy vehicles quickly flamed out, and the auto sector also fell sharply.

The rise of military industry and financial sector

The military industry and financial sector, which performed poorly in the early stage, rose collectively.

From the index performance, Aerospace Military index, electricity index, insurance index rose more than 2%, bank index also rose 1.4%, hotels and restaurants and other sectors ranked first.

Dow stock limit

The DTBP of Dows melt blown material exceeding the standard is a dangerous chemical, which is suspected to cause genetic defects. However, consumers can rest assured that most of DTBP can be decomposed and volatilized after high temperature during melt blowing process. However, the residual amount of DTBP in melt blown material exceeds the standard greatly, which may lead to instability of downstream melt blown fabric process and release a large amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) with peculiar smell.

At the beginning of the year, when the epidemic broke out, Dow, as one of the compiling units of the current national standard for meltblown materials, became a big bull stock in the capital market at that time. In less than three months, the price rose by more than 400%, with a maximum of 6 times.

Another batch of bonds plummeted

Haidian District State-owned assets investment 19 haiguoxintai mtn001 the latest net price fell more than 33%, to 65.05 yuan.

The latest net price of 16 wentou mtn001 fell nearly 35% to 60.5 yuan.

Leshans 16 Leshan state-owned assets mtn001 plummeted by 19%, including 79.5754 yuan.

Tongren water investment 20 Tongren water mtn001 the latest net price fell more than 15%, to 84.95 yuan.

Huawei executives respond to Qualcomms lifting of 4G chips

Yes, of course we are

Recently, it is reported that Qualcomm will resume the supply of Huaweis 4G chips.

Zhang Pingan, President of cloud services for Huaweis consumer business, said, we see that the news reports this way, and we believe they are working hard. Zhang Pingan also said, if we resume the supply of chips to Huawei, we will continue to supply them. For example, we have released the mate40 as usual, and we have plans for next years mobile phones. If we are willing to supply chips, we are willing to use them.

Subsequently, according to first financial quoted supply chain news, Huaweis 4G mobile phone orders have begun to be ready for sale as soon as the first half of next year. At present, they are small batch rolling orders, and the specific order size cannot be estimated.

According to the source, the resumption of 4G chip supply can guarantee most of the demand for mobile phones and tablets in overseas markets. Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa are still dominated by 4G market, and 4G products are still competitive.

Recently, it was reported that Huawei will resume purchasing 4G mobile phone motherboard and other parts this month, and some manufacturers have been informed.