Lai Guanlins lawyer said that he would investigate the legal liability of malicious infringers

 Lai Guanlins lawyer said that he would investigate the legal liability of malicious infringers

Netease Entertainment reported on November 26, Lai Guanlins lawyer issued a statement saying that Internet users had recently spread a large amount of false information about Lai Guanlin, such as opening a studio together in love, confusion in private life, abusing fans, withdrawing new dramas and new programs and changing hidden rules for resources. Lawyers have obtained evidence for the infringement of relevant users and informed relevant users Immediately stop the illegal activities and delete the infringing contents.

On the 26th, Lai Guanlins agent sent an article saying that after taking over Lai Guanlins work, he focused on the work field and ignored the improvement of Lai Guanlins personal quality. Lai Guanlin doesnt have a big company and capital background, and he doesnt have a good command of everything. But I know him, he will recognize his mistakes and change them. If he wants to say something, he can bear it. Although we are weak and weak, we will never give in to hostile and purposeful construction He also said that Lai Guanlin is not a perfect person, thank the fans for being willing to accompany him to grow up. Finally, he said dont spit everywhere three times

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Lai Guanlin make complaints about smoking and spitting on the street.

Netease Entertainment reported on November 24, on November 24, some media photographed Lai Guanlin working out late at night with friends. After leaving the gym, he seemed to be suffocating, and soon began to puff. Perhaps just a few puffs uncomfortable, then spit a few mouthfuls of phlegm.

For Lai Guanlins behavior, fans did not argue for it this time, but waited for Lai Guanlin to apologize and explain himself. After all, there were too many precedents before - fans rushed to explain for Zhengzhu, but in the end they were beaten in the face.

But this time Lai Guanlins reaction speed is very fast, not long after he personally made a blog apology: will accept everyones criticism, and take warning, never commit again. So far, he has become another artist who apologizes to the public for violating social morality.

Generally speaking, when fans see Aidous behavior like this, most of them accept his criticism and admonish him not to do it again. However, in Lai Guanlins comment area, there is no need for passers-by or keyboard mans action. Fans have already yelled at him to sweep the street. It seems that only in this way can their anger be relieved.

For such comments, more fans are not critical of comments, but agree with them. For them, they should not be merciful because he is an idol. More fans take Lai Guanlin education fans before the words of response: we are civilized people, should understand.

In fact, there has been public opinion on Lai Guanlin smoking on the Internet. It is said that as early as when he was a trainee in South Korea, the rumor of Lai Guanlin smoking had already flowed out. However, due to the secret behavior of the party concerned, many fans at that time resisted on the ground of smearing and slandering their own love beans. But now Lai Guanlins smoking exposure, coupled with spitting behavior, eventually angered fans, so they chose sober and rational this time.

On the evening of November 24, in response to rumors of spitting and love in the street, Lai Guanlin issued a handwritten letter to apologize again, saying that I am deeply sorry for the wounds caused by what happened today to my group. Where you cant see it, you should also set high standards on yourself. Its part of my improvement to make such an inappropriate move and apologize to fans and family.

As for the part of his private life, Lai Guanlin said that if there is any good news, he will inform him at the first time. But at the present stage of life, I still want to focus on my career and work hard.. In the end, he promised to reflect.

It is reported that 24 months after spitting, he did not smoke in the street. Some fans have revealed Lai Guanlins love affair, saying that he and the girl went to the cats cafe to punch in, gave the hat given by the fans to the woman, and showed photos of the two people suspected to be the same sofa.

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