Zhu Jun, 56 years old, showed up for a long time to seek gold and forget words, and his hosting level dropped

 Zhu Jun, 56 years old, showed up for a long time to seek gold and forget words, and his hosting level dropped

Hosted by Zhu Jun (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 26, on November 25, a netizen exposed a video of Zhu Jun, the host of the conference, who presided over the Sino German Conference on the development of intelligent manufacturing industrialization. When he appeared in his old business for a long time, he did not seem to be proficient. He could not finish the whole process of hosting. He kept looking down at the card and even looked at the card. When he read the hosts words, he often stuck and repeated. It seemed that he was not professional at all and did not have the style of that year.

Zhu Fu looks very flabby in a suit and his face is very flabby.

In 2018, Zhu Jun was deeply involved in a sexual assault scandal. At that time, an intern named Xianzi said that Zhu Jun molested himself in 2014, including kissing and other behaviors, but it was Yan Weiwen who came in at that time.

Once this article is issued, it immediately caused a great wave on the Internet. In August, string Zi was sued by Zhu Jun. Beijing Star rights law firm issued a Zhujun lawyer statement on its social platform, saying that the information about Zhu Jun sexual harassment interns was not true and initiated a case of reputation protection to the court.

Later, Xianzi also showed a screenshot of the call, saying Zhu military repeatedly called to intimidate himself. She denied rumors, saying she had evidence and was afraid of nothing.

On the day of the exchange of evidence before the court, Xian Zi appeared in the court, but Zhu Jun did not appear. After the trial, Zhu Juns application for reputation right was rejected, which seemed to be groundless. During the prosecution, Zhu Jun did not respond positively to the news, and Zhu Juns wife also said that the Qing Dynasty was self-cleaning.

Since then, Zhu Juns career in the scandal has completely stopped and has never appeared on the CCTV stage.

With less work, Zhu Jun has become more time to spend with his family. Before, his wife took a group photo of the whole family. Compared with his wife Tan Mei, Zhu Jun is obviously much older, and even looks like his mother is the same age.

Maybe there is not much work related to hosting in recent years, so Zhu Juns professional ability has declined, and Netizens feel sorry for Zhu Jun, after all, Zhu Jun was the first brother of CCTV host, but now he is reduced to this point.

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A host who cant sing is not a good host! New world by Zhu Jun, Dong Qing, Zhu Xun and others (source: ~)

Zhu Juns wife Tan Mei and his wife Fu Disheng are dressed in the same frame, fashionable and slim. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019