A billion quadrangles? Wang Gang denies: Im not the modern version of Hoku

 A billion quadrangles? Wang Gang denies: Im not the modern version of Hoku

Wang Gang responds to RMB 100 million quadrangle (source: Netease Entertainment)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 26. On November 25, actor Wang Gang released a video on the social platform, responding to the hot discussion on the Internet that he owns a billion yuan courtyard in Beijing: the so-called Wang Gangs courtyard is worth 100 million yuan. Its a misunderstanding. Please dont rumor it. Im not a modern version of ho ho

When asked about the siheyuan, Wang Gang said frankly that the courtyard was not his own. It was rented by the TV station for him to shoot programs. Moreover, the courtyard is a residential house rented by Beijing. In addition, he also specifically said that the table of huanghuali in the courtyard is also rented, but some of the collections in the house are his own.

Although Wang Gang explains so, but netizens still say, Wang Gang teacher certainly is not short of money.

Recently, Wang Gang has often sent such clarification videos to respond to rumors about him. He has also responded to rumors that he mistakenly smashed 200 million worth of collections in treasure authentication programs.

Wang Gang responds to smashing 200 million antiques: it was a fake treasure holder who lost the lawsuit

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Wang Gangs first response to the incident of smashing 200 million babies: of course, its fake. The treasure holder lost the lawsuit in the end! (source: original)

Netease Entertainment reported on November 16 that recently, Wang Gang responded for the first time on his microblog that he had smashed 200 million antiques by mistake. He wrote: in recent years, especially after the opening of new media, there are always false statements about the so-called Wang Gang smashing treasure incident, which are caused by the fact that they do not know the truth. Thank you for your response.

In the video, Wang Gang was asked if he had really smashed a treasure worth 200 million yuan. He said, of course, it was a fake. The treasure holder appealed to the court. After the final judgment of the first and second instance, he lost the lawsuit.. Wang Gang recalled the situation at that time. He said that he had tried several times to persuade the treasure holders not to participate in the program, but the other party insisted on refusing to return, believing that what he was holding was a real treasure. And at that time, he took two small cups, and he only smashed one, not all of them.

As for the rumor of 200 million on the Internet, Wang Gang also said that even if the two cups are real, they are not worth 200 million. He revealed that the holder himself signed the contract at that time, and only 120000 or 150000 yuan was required for the wrong compensation, so the 200 million rumors on the Internet were not true.

Wang Gang was sued by the treasure holder for smashing the wrong antique. In this case, Wang Gang did not make any compensation at all, because the other party lost the lawsuit, and even the legal fees were paid by the treasure holder. In this regard, Wang Gang said that he was very heartless and sympathized with each other, so he was not willing to say more about it.

It is reported that Wang Gang once presided over an antique collection program and worked with experts to identify the authenticity of the treasures for folk treasure collectors. During the program, it was reported that Wang Gang and experts had misjudged and smashed 200 million worth of authentic products. The program has now been suspended.

Wang Gang responds that he once smashed 200 million antiques: its a fake treasure holder who lost the lawsuit. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019